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Haldane, Lord, a luncheon to the German Emperor, 67
  a visit to the United States and Canada, 37
  addresses at Montreal and Oxford, 92, 145
  advocates improved system of education, 39
  and Expeditionary and Territorial Forces, 48, 50, 178
  and the Bagdad Railway question, 63 et seq.
  becomes Lord Chancellor, 37, 87
  “conversations” at Berlin, 72, 124
  criticizes Bethmann-Hollweg’s book, 101 et seq.
  dines with the Chancellor, 77
  entertained by General Staff, 41
  examines organization of German War Office, 38
  frank conversation with William II., 52 et seq.
  lunches with Emperor and Empress, 74
  on military preparations, 177 et seq.
  post-war problems and how they should be met, 208 et seq.
  rebuts a statement by Tirpitz, 164
  Secretary of State for War, 36
  studies in Germany, 36
  visits German Emperor, 37
  witnesses review of German troops, 51

Hankey, Sir Maurice, his work recognized by Parliament, 185

Harcourt, Lord, at Imperial Defense Committee meetings, 182

Harnack, Professor, author’s meeting with, 77

Herzegovina, annexation of, 70, 113

Hindenburg, General von, author’s meeting with, 77

Huguet, Colonel, interviewed by author, 45

Imperial Defense Committee, the, 158, 159, 177, 182

Isvolsky, M., 113, 162

Jagow, Herr von, and the ultimatum to Serbia, 133

Kiaochow (see Tsingtau)

Kiderlen-Waechter, Herr von,
  a talk with, 77
  and the Agadir incident, 69

Kitchener, Lord,
  meets the Emperor, 68
  personality of, 179

Kitchener’s Army, 50, 178

Lansdowne, Lord, and the agreement with France, 21

Laurier, Sir Wilfrid, co-operates in military preparations, 188

League of Nations, the, 220, 222

Lucanus, von, snubbed by Bismarck, 148

Lyncker, von, commanded to Potsdam, 150, 151

Lyttelton, Sir Neville, 188

MacDonald, Ramsay, lunches with German Emperor, 68

Mahan, Admiral, his works studied by Tirpitz, 141

McKenna, Mr., and the Navy, 87

Metternich, Count, and Bagdad Railway question, 66
  at Windsor, 62
  author’s relations with, 57

Miles, Sir Herbert, assists in military preparations, 188

Military preparations, the, 177 et seq.

Moltke, Count von, his scheme for rapid mobilization, 38

Moltke, General von, a chat with, 42
  present at meeting of Bismarck and Kaiser, 148

Morley, Lord, at luncheon to the Emperor, 68
  attends meetings of Committee of Imperial Defense, 182

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