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Cambon, M. Jules, and relations between France and Germany, 113 informed of Berlin “conversations,” 78

Campbell-Bannerman, Sir Henry, and Imperial Defense, 182, 184
  at Marienbad, 38

Caprivi and the organization of German Navy, 138
  and the Reinsurance Treaty, 126, 127

Cassel, Sir Ernest, visits Berlin, 70 (and note)

Central Powers, the, preparations for war, 20
  their responsibility for the world war, 22

Chamberlain, Rt.  Hon. J., Tariff Reform policy of, 54

Churchill, Winston, naval policy of, 87, 181

Committee of Imperial Defense, the, and its functions, 158, 159, 177, 182

Compulsory service, author’s views on, 198

Cowans, Sir John, and the military preparations, 188

Crewe, Lord, attends meetings of Committee of Imperial Defense, 182

Curzon, Lord, meets German Emperor, 68

Czernin, Count, on William II., 170

D’Aerenthal, Count, diplomatic victory of, 113

Dawson, Harbutt, “German Empire” of, 120

Democracy and war, 27
  vindicated by the war, 108
  (See also Social Democracy)

Diplomacy before the war, 35 et seq.

Disarmament, German objections to, 55, 60

Donop, Sir Stanley von, Master General of the Ordnance, 188

Douglas, Sir Charles, and the voluntary system, 199

Education, author’s activities for, 39

Edward VII., King, at Marienbad, 38
  “encirclement” policy of:  Bethmann-Hollweg on, 112
  entertains the German Emperor, 62

Einem, General von, at Windsor, 62
  author’s interview with, 38

Ellison, Colonel, at Berlin, 38

England, a War Staff for the Navy in, 139, 181
  commercial rivalry with Germany, 114
  conservation of sea power and what it implied, 20, 21
  efforts to preserve peace end in failure, 22
  her alleged plans to violate Belgian neutrality, 201
  propagandists for German military party in, 24
  reorganization of army in, 185
  voluntary military system of, and its advantages, 199
  (See also Great Britain)

England’s precautions against Germany’s war designs, 168-69

Englishmen, defects and failings of, 28
  psychology of, 17

Entente, the, England’s entry into—­and the alternative, 118, 119, 162
  policy of, 106

Ewart, General, and the Committee of Imperial Defense, 184

Expeditionary Force (see British Expeditionary Force)

Falkenhayn, von, commanded to Potsdam, 150, 151

France, apprehensive of Germany’s intentions, 44
  army of, 180

Frankfurter Zeitung opposes Tirpitz’s war objectives, 143

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