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Agadir incident, the, 68

Algeciras Conference, the, 69, 114

Alsace-Lorraine, question of, 114
  the Kaiser on, 52, 53

America, Tschirsky on, 60

Anglo-French Entente, Buelow on, 56
  Tschirsky, 59
  views of German Emperor on, 52

Armaments, difficulty of question of, 21
  Germany’s, 94, 161

Army, British, advantages of voluntary system in, 199
  question of compulsory service, 198

Asquith, Mr., consulted by Sir Edward Grey, 45
  Premier and War Secretary, 50
  presides at Imperial Defense Committee, 182

Austria annexes Bosnia and Herzegovina, 70, 113
  ultimatum to Serbia, 133

Bagdad Railway, the, William II. and, 63 et seq.

Balance of power, and the League of Nations, 222
  principle of, 20, 22, 119

Balfour, A.J., and Imperial Defense, 184

Ballin, Herr, and Tirpitz, 144

Barnardiston, General, an unfounded charge against, 201

Berchtold, Count, and the ultimatum to Serbia, 153

Berlin, a curious legend originating in, 201
  and the Bagdad Railway question, 66
  author’s visit to, 37

Bethmann-Hollweg, and the Agadir crisis, 69, 71
  at Potsdam conference, 151
  author’s interview with, and the formula of neutrality, 71, 73, 78,
    79, 124
  desires preservation of peace, 161
  his accusation against Entente Powers, 103
  informed of Austrian ultimatum, 153
  letter to author after the Montreal address, 93
  loyalty to the Kaiser, 114
  succeeds Prince Buelow as Chancellor, 112

Bismarck, Countess Wilhelm, 146

Bismarck, Prince, a dictum of, 56
  and Britain’s indefinite policy, 17
  and the inevitability of war, 23
  and the military party in Germany, 89
  and Tirpitz, 145-48
  denounces abrogation of Reinsurance Treaty, 146
  his affection for Emperor Frederick, 148
  his hatred of “prestige politics,” 120
  Reinsurance Treaty with Russia, 126

Boer War, the, attitude of the Kaiser during, 115

Bosnia, annexation of, 70, 113

Botha, General, co-operates in military preparations, 188

Bridges, Colonel, British Military Attache at Brussels, 202

Britain’s command of the sea, 195

British Army, the reorganization of, 47

British Expeditionary Force, the, mobilization of, 50
  organization of, 178
  unrecognized work of, 197

British Government, the, paramount duty of, 18

British Navy, a War Staff introduced into, 139, 181
  (See also Navy, British)

Buelow, Prince von, author’s meeting with, 38
  on the Anglo-French Entente, 56
  opposes Bagdad Railway proposal, 67
  succeeded by Bethmann-Hollweg as Chancellor, 112

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