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Kennebec                                               68
Kennebec Bridge                                        28
Land bank                                          15, 68
Leicester Academy, Lancaster                           16
Marblehead 42
Massachusetts State 7, 20, 25, 29, 36, 41, 42, 58, 59, 64
Matrimonial 66, 67, 68
Milton Paper Mill 15

Newport congregational Church                          19
New York                                               41
New York Literature                                    65
North and South Rivers, Salem                          19
North Carolina                                         64
Pavement on Boston neck                                68
Philanthropic                                          68
Plymouth Beach                         44, 54, 55, 61, 68
Providence Episcopal Church                            47
Providence Street                              20, 21, 22
Rhode Island                                           64
Rhode Island College                        7, 49, 50, 51
Rhode Island Lottery for Advancement of Religion       34
River Parker Bridge                          7, 9, 10, 11
South Hadley Canal                                 48, 68
Stonington Point Meeting-House                     65, 66
Sudbury                                            61, 68

    Taunton great River 12

    Union Canal 31, 40, 41

Washington monument                                    39
Williamstown Free School                7, 20, 25, 42, 43



While this work does not pretend to be a history, it will yet present many historical facts.  Its object is to show from old newspapers, which are not accessible to all, such items and comments upon a variety of subjects as might be supposed to amuse or instruct both old and young.

It is not the easy thing that many imagine to examine, read, and select from a vast number of newspapers such matter as is believed to be worth reproducing.  Possibly to some it would seem to be a stupid and an uninteresting work.  The Compiler, however, has found it a source of pleasure to make and arrange these selections; and the value of his work will be greatly enhanced if these volumes should prove of interest to any considerable number of persons.

There appears to be from year to year a growing taste among the most cultivated people for quaint and curious reminiscences of the Olden Time; and as these volumes will be of a handy size for the pocket or carpetbag, it is hoped that they will be welcomed by many who would not undertake to read a more pretentious or cumbersome work on similar topics.

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