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This was, after numerous struggles on the part of Ezekiel to retain his property, or at least some portion of it, legally settled, and John Call became possessor of Rosewarne and the adjoining lands.  Grosse was then informed that this evil spirit was one of the ancestors of the Rosewarne, from whom by his fraudulent dealings he obtained the place, and that he was allowed to visit the earth again for the purpose of inflicting the most condign punishment on the avaricious lawyer.  His avarice had been gratified, his pride had been pampered to the highest; and then he was made a pitiful spectacle, at whom all men pointed, and no one pitied.  He lived on in misery, but it was for a short time.  He was found dead; and the country people ever said that his death was a violent one; they spoke of marks on his body, and some even asserted that the spectre of De Rosewarne was seen rejoicing amidst a crowd of devils, as they bore the spirit of Ezekiel over Carn Brea.




Mr John Bourne, for his Skill, Care and Honesty, was made by his Neighbour John Mallet, Esq., of Enmore, the chief of his Trustees, for his Son John Mallet (Father to Elizabeth, now Countess Dowager of Rochester) and the rest of his Children in Minority.  He had the reputation of a worthy good Man, and was commonly taken notice of for an habitual Saying, by way of Interjection almost to anything, viz. You say true, you say true, you are in the right. This Mr Bourne fell sick at his House at Durley, in the year 1654, and Dr Raymond of Oak was sent for to him, who after some time, gave the said Mr Bourne over.  And he had not now spoken in twenty-four Hours, when the said Dr Raymond, and Mrs Carlisle (Mr Bourne’s Nephew’s Wife, whose Husband he had made one of his Heirs) sitting by his bedside, the Doctor opened the Bed-curtains at the Bed’s-feet, to give him air; when on a sudden, to the Horror and Amazement of Dr Raymond, and Mrs Carlisle, the great Iron Chest by the Window, at his Bed’s-feet, with three Locks to it (in which were all the Writings and Evidences of the said Mr Mallet’s Estate), began to open, first one Lock, and then another, then the third; afterwards the Lid of the Chest, lifted up of itself, and stood wide open.  Then the patient, Mr Bourne, who had not spoke in 24 Hours, lifted himself up also, and looking upon the Chest, cry’d:  You say true, you say true, you are in the right, I’ll be with you by and by. So the Patient lay down, and spake no more.  Then the Chest fell again of itself, and lock’d itself, one Lock after another, as the 3 Locks opened; and they tried to knock it open, and could not, and Mr Bourne died within an Hour after.

N.B.—­This Narrative was sent in a Letter to J.C., directed for Dr H. More from Mr Thomas Alcock, of Shear-Hampton; of which in a Letter to the said Doctor, he gives this Account.  I am, said he, very confident of the truth of the Story; for I had it from a very good Lady, the eldest daughter of the said John Mallet (whose Trustee Mr Bourne was) and only Aunt to the Countess of Rochester, who knew all the parties; and I have heard Dr Raymond, and Mr Carlisle, relate it often with amazement, being both Persons of Credit.

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