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With what particular event in the stormy annals of the Lyon family the hammering is connected is quite unknown, except to members of the family, but there is no lack of legends, possible and impossible, to account for any sights or sounds in the magnificent old feudal edifice.

It is said that once a visitor stayed at Glamis Castle for a few days, and, sitting up late one moonlight night, saw a face appear at the window opposite to him.  The owner of the face—­it was very pale, with great sorrowful eyes—­appeared to wish to attract attention; but vanished suddenly from the window, as if plucked suddenly away by superior strength.  For a long while the horror-stricken guest gazed at the window, in the hope that the pale face and great sad eyes would appear again.  Nothing was seen at the window, but presently horrible shrieks penetrated even the thick walls of the castle, and rent the night air.  An hour later, a dark huddled figure, like that of an old decrepit woman, carrying something in a bundle, came into the waning moonlight, and presently vanished.

There is a modern story of a stonemason, who was engaged at Glamis Castle last century, and who, having discovered more than he should have done, was supplied with a handsome competency, upon the conditions that he emigrated and kept inviolable the secret he had learned.

The employment of a stonemason is explained by the conditions under which the mystery is revealed to successive heirs and factors.  The abode of the dread secret is in a part of the castle, also haunted by the apparition of a bearded man, who flits about at night, but without committing any other objectionable action.  What connection, if any, the bearded spectre may have with the mystery is not even guessed.  He hovers at night over the couches of children for an instant, and then vanishes.  The secret itself abides in a room—­a secret chamber—­the very situation of which, beyond a general idea that it is in the most ancient part of the castle, is unknown.  Where walls are fifteen feet thick, it is not impossible to have a chamber so concealed, that none but the initiated can guess its position.  It was once attempted by a madcap party of guests to discover the locality of the secret chamber, by hanging their towels out of the window, and thus deciding in favour of any window from which no spotless banner waved; but this escapade, which is said to have been ill-received by the owners, ended in nothing but a vague conclusion that the old square tower must be the spot sought.



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