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1.  How Vifil, Gudrid’s grandfather, came to Iceland.

2.  Of Eirik the Red, and his discovery of Greenland.

3.  Gudrid’s parentage, and the emigration of her father, Thorbjorn, and his family to Greenland.

4.  Eirik’s family, and his son Leif’s discovery of Vinland.

5.  Gudrid marries Thorstein, son of Eirik the Red. [Sickness and death of Thorstein.]

6.  Gudrid marries Karlsefni.

7.  Karlsefni’s expedition to Vinland.  The first winter is passed at Straumsfjordr.

8.  Fate of Thorhall the Sportsman.

9.  The second winter is passed at Hop.

10.  Dealings with the Skroelingar.

11.  Fight with the Skroelingar.

12.  Return to Straumsfjordr.

13.  The slaying of Thorvald by a One-footer.  The colonists return to Greenland after passing the third winter at Straumsfjordr.

14.  Heroic magnanimity and fate of Bjarni.

15.  Gudrid’s descendants.

[Olaf, who was called Olaf the White, was styled a warrior king.  He was the son of King Ingjald, the son of Helgi, the son of Olaf, the son of Gudred, the son of Halfdan Whiteleg, king of the Uplands (in Norway).  He led a harrying expedition of sea-rovers into the west, and conquered Dublin, in Ireland, and Dublinshire, over which he made himself king.  He married Aud the Deep-minded, daughter of Ketil Flatnose, son of Bjorn the Ungartered, a noble man from Norway.  Their son was named Thorstein the Red.  Olaf fell in battle in Ireland, and then Aud and Thorstein went into the Sudreyjar (the Hebrides).  There Thorstein married Thorid, daughter of Eyvind the Easterling, sister of Helgi the Lean; and they had many children.  Thorstein became a warrior king, and formed an alliance with Earl Sigurd the Great, son of Eystein the Rattler.  They conquered Caithness, Sutherland, Ross, and Moray, and more than half Scotland.  Over these Thorstein was king until the Scots plotted against him, and he fell there in battle.  Aud was in Caithness when she heard of Thorstein’s death.  Then she caused a merchant-ship to be secretly built in the wood, and when she was ready, directed her course out into the Orkneys.  There she gave in marriage Thorstein the Red’s daughter, Gro, who became mother of Grelad, whom Earl Thorfinn, the Skullcleaver, married.  Afterwards Aud set out to seek Iceland, having twenty free men in her ship.  Aud came to Iceland, and passed the first winter in Bjarnarhofn (Bjornshaven) with her brother Bjorn.  Afterwards she occupied all the Dale country between the Dogurdara (day-meal river) and the Skraumuhlaupsa (river of the giantess’s leap), and dwelt at Hvamm.  She had prayer meetings at Krossholar (Crosshills), where she caused crosses to be erected, for she was baptised and deeply devoted to the faith.  There came with her to Iceland many men worthy of honour, who had been taken captive in sea-roving expeditions

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