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“Altogether he worked in that hotel for some three and a half years, and then Mrs. Wrench sends for him again into the office.

“‘Sit down, James,’ says she.

“‘Thank you, Mrs. Wrench,’ says James, and sat.

“‘I’m thinking of giving up this hotel, James,’ says she, ’and taking another near Dover, a quiet place with just such a clientele as I shall like.  Do you care to come with me?’

“‘Thank you,’ says he, ’but I’m thinking, Mrs. Wrench, of making a change myself.’

“‘Oh,’ says she, ’I’m sorry to hear that, James.  I thought we’d been getting on very well together.’

“‘I’ve tried to do my best, Mrs. Wrench,’ says he, ’and I hope as I’ve given satisfaction.’

“‘I’ve nothing to complain of, James,’ says she.

“‘I thank you for saying it,’ says he, ’and I thank you for the opportunity you gave me when I wanted it.  It’s been the making of me.’

“She didn’t answer for about a minute.  Then says she:  ’You’ve been meeting some of your old friends, James, I’m afraid, and they’ve been persuading you to go back into the City.’

“‘No, Mrs. Wrench,’ says he; ’no more City for me, and no more neighbourhood of Grosvenor Square, unless it be in the way of business; and that couldn’t be, of course, for a good long while to come.’

“‘What do you mean by business?’ asks she.

“‘The hotel business,’ replies he.  ’I believe I know the bearings by now.  I’ve saved a bit, thanks to you, Mrs. Wrench, and a bit’s come in from the wreck that I never hoped for.’

“‘Enough to start you?’ asks she.

“‘Not quite enough for that,’ answers he.  ’My idea is a small partnership.’

“‘How much is it altogether?’ says she, ’if it’s not an impertinent question.’

“‘Not at all,’ answers he.  ‘It tots up to 900 pounds about.’

“She turns back to her desk and goes on with her writing.

“‘Dover wouldn’t suit you, I suppose?’ says she without looking round.

“‘Dover’s all right,’ says he, ‘if the business is a good one.’

“‘It can be worked up into one of the best things going,’ says she, ’and I’m getting it dirt cheap.  You can have a third share for a thousand pounds, that’s just what it’s costing, and owe me the other hundred.”

“‘And what position do I take?’ says he.

“‘If you come in on those terms,’ says she, ’then, of course, it’s a partnership.’

“He rose and came over to her.  ‘Life isn’t all business, Susan,’ says he.

“‘I’ve found it so mostly,’ says she.

“‘Fourteen years ago,’ says he, ’I made the mistake; now you’re making it.’

“‘What mistake am I making?’ says she.

“‘That man’s the only thing as can’t learn a lesson,’ says he.

“‘Oh,’ says she, ‘and what’s the lesson that you’ve learnt?’

“‘That I never get on without you, Susan,’ says he.

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