A Practical Directory for Young Christian Females eBook

Harvey Newcomb
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Censoriousness, a Mark of an Impenitent Heart, 207 Apostates, before their Fall, noted far Censoriousness, 208 Humble Christians not Censorious, 209 Duty of Rejoicing in the Goodness of Others, 210 Charity, positively, 211 Charity beareth all Things, 211 Believeth all Things, 212 Endureth all Things, 212


Harmony of Christian Character, 214

Harmony of Sounds, Colors, and Proportions, delights the Senses,   214
Harmonious Development of the Christian Graces,                    215
Effects of the Disproportionate Development of Character,          217
How Young Christiana fall into this Error,                         218


Marriage, 220

Marriage Desirable,                                                220
Marriage not Indispensable,                                        221

Qualifications Indispensable in a Companion for Life, 222

1.  Piety, 222 2.  An Amiable Disposition, 224 3.  A Well-cultivated Mind, 224 4.  Congeniality of Sentiment and of Feeling, 225 5.  Energy of Character, 225 6.  Suitableness of Age, 226

Qualifications Desirable, 226

1.  A Sound Body,                                                   226
2.  Refinement of Manners,                                          226
3.  A Sound Judgment,                                               227
4.  Prudence,                                                       227
5.  Similarity of Religious Sentiment and Profession,               227
Treatment of Gentlemen,                                         228
A Peculiar Affection necessary,                                 229
Social Intercourse with Gentlemen,                              229
General Remarks,                                                230


y;Dependence, 233

The Hand of God in all Things,                                     233
Comforting Considerations,                                         235
Supply of Temporal Wants,                                          236
Duty of Contentment,                                               237


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