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Harvey Newcomb
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Here is work for self-examination.  Every exercise of our minds should be tried by this standard.  Again; we must deny self in all our conduct.  And here we have the examples of many holy men, recorded in Scripture, with a host of martyrs and missionaries, but especially of our Lord himself, to show what influence the true spirit of self-denial exerts upon the Christian life.  In the passage quoted above, our Lord expressly declares that, in order to be his disciples, we must follow him.  And how can this be done, but by imitating his example?  He was willing to make sacrifices for the good of others.  He led a life of toil, hardship, and suffering, and gave up his own life, to save sinners.  His immediate disciples did the same.  They submitted to ignominy, reproach, suffering, and death itself, for the sake of promoting the glory of God, in the salvation of men.  Cultivate, then, this spirit.  Prefer the glory of God to everything else.  Prefer the general good to your own private interest.  Be willing to make personal sacrifices for the benefit of others.  Carry this principle out in all your intercourse with others, and it will greatly increase your usefulness.  It will also really promote your own interest and happiness.  There is nothing which renders a person so amiable and lovely, in the sight of others, as disinterested benevolence.  Think no sacrifice too great to make, no hardship too painful to endure, if you can be the means of benefiting perishing souls.  Remember, it was for this that Jesus gave up his life; and he requires you to be ready to give up everything you have, and even life itself, if the same cause shall require it.

But let me caution you against placing self-denial chiefly in outward things.  We are not required to relinquish any of the comforts and enjoyments of this life, except when they come in competition with our duty to God and our fellow-creatures.  “Every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving;” and godliness has the promise of this life as well as of that which is to come.  The religion of some people seems to consist chiefly in denying themselves of lawful enjoyments; and you will find them very severe and censorious towards others, for partaking freely and thankfully of the bounties of God’s providence.  This, however, is but a species of self-righteous mockery, characterized by Paul as a voluntary humility.  Instead of being self-denial, it is the gratification of self in maintaining an appearance of external sanctity.  It may, however, be not only proper, but obligatory upon us, to sacrifice these lawful enjoyments, when we may thereby promote the interests of Christ’s kingdom; which requires the exercise of a self-sacrificing spirit.

Your affectionate Brother.


Public and Social Worship, and Sabbath Employments.

“Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together.”—­HEB. 10:23.

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