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Harvey Newcomb
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contained in these books are the most difficult to be understood of any part of the Bible.  In reading them you will notice, 1.  Those predictions whose fulfilment is recorded in the Bible, and diligently examine the record of their fulfilment.  You will see how careful God is to fulfil every jot and tittle of his word. 2.  There are other prophecies, the fulfilment of which is recorded in profane history; and others still which are yet unfulfilled.  To understand these, it will be necessary to read ancient and modern history, in connection with the explanation of the prophecies by those writers who have made them their study.  An attention to this, so far as your circumstances will admit, will be useful in enlarging your views of the kingdom of Christ.  But, beware of becoming so deeply absorbed in these matters as to neglect those of a more practical nature; and especially be cautious of advancing far into the regions of speculation as to what is yet future.

(10.) You will find it an interesting and profitable employment occasionally to read a given book through, for the purpose of seeing what light it throws upon some particular subject,—­some point of Christian doctrine, duty, practice, character, &c.  For example, go through with Acts, with your eye upon the doctrine of Christ’s divinity.  Then go through with it a second time, to see what light it throws on the subject of Revivals.  Pursue the same course with other books, and in respect to other subjects.  In this way you will sometimes be surprised to find how much you have overlooked in your previous reading.

It will be perceived that I have laid out a very extensive and laborious work.  But this is the great business of our lives; and, indeed, the contemplation of the glorious truths revealed in the Bible will form the business of eternity; and even that will be too short to learn the length and breadth, and height and depth, of the ways of the Almighty.

Your affectionate Brother.


Prayer and Fasting.

“In everything, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let
your requests be made known unto God.”—­PHIL. 4:6.


The subject of this letter is one of vital interest to every Christian.  It is, therefore, of the utmost consequence, that it be both well understood and diligently practised.  It seems hardly necessary to urge prayer upon the Christian as a duty.  Every true Christian must feel it to be a soul-exalting privilege.  It is his breath; without it, he can no more maintain his spiritual life, than animal life can be sustained without breathing.  Prayer is an intimate communion with God, by which we unbosom our hearts to him, and receive communications of his grace, and fresh tokens of his love.  What Christian, then, whose soul burns with divine love, will be disposed

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