A Practical Directory for Young Christian Females eBook

Harvey Newcomb
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1.  Read the Bible in your Closet,                                   46
2.  Preparation of the Heart,                                        47
3.  Seek the Aid of the Holy Spirit,                                 47
4.  Read with Self-application,                                      47
5.  Read the Scriptures regularly,                                   48
6.  Study the Bible systematically,                                  48
Variety and Harmony of the Bible,                                49
Things to be observed,                                           49
Wisdom of Divine Inspiration,                                    49
How to remove Difficulties,                                      50
Commentaries.  Tasks,                                             50
Read in Course,                                                  51
Close Study of the Bible,                                        51
Constant Subjects of Inquiry,                                    52
The Bible a History of the Church,                               52
Periods of the History of the Church,                            52
Take notice what Period you are reading,                         53
Inquire what Doctrine or Principle is taught, recognized,
illustrated, or enforced,                                      53
Note the Promises and Predictions,                               53
Take Notes,                                                      53
Read the Gospel to study the Character of Christ,                53
Things to be observed in Sacred History and Biography,           54
Poetic and Didactic Parts of the Bible,                          55
The Prophecies,                                                  55


Prayer and Fasting, 57

Duty of Prayer,                                                     57
Prayer defined,                                                     58
Examples,                                                           59
The Lord’s Prayer; its Use,                                         59
The Power of Prayer,                                                60
The Promises,                                                       61
The Promises exemplified,                                           61
The Arians.  Francke.  Dr. West,                                      63
The Slave liberated by Prayer,                                      64
Asking amiss,                                                       64
We must desire the Things we ask, for the Glory of God,             65

We must ask,—­

For Things agreeable to the Will of God,                            65
In Faith,                                                           66
With Humble Submission,                                             67

Practical Hints, 67

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