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Harvey Newcomb
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Did I last night compose myself to sleep with a sweet sense of the divine presence?  Did I meditate upon divine things in the wakeful hours of the night?  When I awoke this morning, did my heart rise up with gratitude to my merciful Preserver?  Did I remember that I am indebted for life, and health, and every enjoyment, to the sufferings and death of my dear Redeemer?  Did I renewedly consecrate my spared life to his service?  And have I lived this day for God, and not for myself?  Have I denied self, whenever it has come between me and duty?  Have I indulged a self-seeking spirit?  Have I refused to make any personal sacrifice, whereby I might glorify God, or do good to others?  Has my heart been affected with any discoveries of the infinite loveliness of the divine perfections?  Have I had a view of the exceeding sinfulness of sin, and the corruptions of my own heart in particular?  Has this driven me from resting upon anything in myself, to put my trust alone in Christ?  Have I felt any longing desires after conformity to the divine image?  Have I felt any delight in the law of God?  Has my heart been grieved to see that I fall so far short of keeping it?  Has my soul been filled with joy and peace in believing in Christ?  Have I felt a lively sense of the divine presence continually?  Have I maintained a cheerful, serene, and peaceful temper of heart?

Have I studied the word of God with an earnest desire to know present duty?  Have I neglected or delayed to perform any duty when it has been made known?  Have I felt that God was speaking to me through his word?  Have I sought the aid of the Holy Spirit?  Have I read God’s word with a prayerful spirit?  Have I read it with self-application?  Have I felt any sensible delight while reading it?

Have I spent any time in heavenly meditation?  Was this exercise performed in a prayerful spirit?  Did the truth I was contemplating deeply affect my own heart?  Have my thoughts been habitually directed towards heavenly things?

Have I observed my regular seasons of prayer?  Has my frame of spirit been, lively, and my thoughts collected, in this exercise?  Have I felt my dependence upon the Spirit of God?  Have I earnestly and sincerely desired the things for which I have asked?  Have I desired them for the glory of God, or for the gratification of myself?  Have I laid hold of the promises of God?  Have I maintained a constant spirit of prayer?  Have I sent up frequent ejaculations to God?  In all my approaches to the throne of grace, have I come with a suitable preparation of heart?  Has a sense of the divine presence filled me with holy awe and reverence?  Has my heart been drawn out to God with filial affection and humble confidence, through Jesus the Mediator?  Have I felt my need?  Have I humbled myself low before God?  Have I not regarded iniquity in my heart?  Have I felt an humble submission to the will of God?

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