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Harvey Newcomb
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of grace?  How have I felt in regard to the interests of Zion, the salvation of souls, and the glory of God?  How have I felt towards my Christian brethren?  Have I spoken evil of any, or listened with complacency to evil speaking?  Have I exercised harshness, or an unforgiving temper, towards any?  What have I done for the glory of God, or the good of my fellow-creatures?  Have I watched over my heart, my tongue, and my actions?  Have I maintained spirituality of mind through the day?


Dr. Doddridge’s Questions.

“Did I awake as with God this morning, and rise with a grateful sense of his goodness?  How were the secret devotions of the morning performed?  Did I offer my solemn praises, and renew the dedication of myself to God, with becoming attention and suitable affections?  Did I lay my scheme for the business of the day wisely and well?  How did I read the Scriptures, or any other devotional or practical piece which I afterwards found it convenient to review?  Did it do my heart good, or was it a mere amusement?  How have the other stated devotions of the day been attended, whether in the family or in public?  Have I pursued the common business of the day with diligence and spirituality, doing everything in season, and with all convenient despatch, and as ’unto the Lord?’ Col. 3:23.  What time have I lost this day, in the morning, or the forenoon—­in the afternoon, or the evening? (for these divisions will assist your recollection;) and what has occasioned the loss of it?  With what temper, and under what regulations, have the recreations of this day been pursued?  Have I seen the hand of God in my mercies, health, cheerfulness, food, clothing, books, preservation in journeys, success of business, conversation, and kindness of friends, &c.?  Have I seen it in afflictions, and particularly in little things, which had a tendency to vex and disquiet me?  Have I received my comforts thankfully, and my afflictions submissively?  How have I guarded against the temptations of the day, particularly against this or that temptation, which I foresaw in the morning?  Have I maintained a dependence on divine influence?  Have I ‘lived by faith on the Son of God,’ (Gal. 2:20,) and regarded Christ this day as my teacher and governor, my atonement and intercessor, my example and guardian, my strength and forerunner?  Have I been looking forward to death and eternity this day, and considered myself as a probationer for heaven, and, through grace, an expectant of it?  Have I governed my thoughts well, especially in such or such an interval of solitude?  How was my subject of thought this day chosen, and how was it regarded?  Have I governed my discourses well, in such and such company?  Did I say nothing passionate, mischievous, slanderous, imprudent, impertinent?  Has my heart this day been full of love to God, and to all mankind? and have I sought, and found, and improved, opportunities of doing and getting good?  With what attention and improvement have I read the Scriptures this evening?  How was self-examination performed the last night? and how have I profited this day by any remarks I then made on former negligences and mistakes?  With what temper did I then lie down and compose myself to sleep?”

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