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Harvey Newcomb
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How was my heart improved by the last Sabbath?  How have I since improved the impressions I then received?  What vows did I then make?  How have I performed them?  What progress have I made in the divine life?  What conquests have I made by the grace of God over sin?  What temptations have I encountered?  What victories have I gained?  What falls have I suffered?  What lessons have I learned by them?  What improvement have I made in divine knowledge?  What good have I done?  What was my frame of mind, on Monday, Tuesday, &c. (specifying and considering each day by itself.) What meetings have I attended?  How was my heart affected by them?  What business have I done?  Was it all performed to the glory of God?  Do I now hail the approach of the Sabbath with delight?  Or do I indulge a secret regret that my worldly schemes should be interrupted by this hallowed season of rest?


Did I yesterday make all needful preparations for the holy Sabbath?  What was my frame of mind, on retiring to rest, at the close of the week?  When I awoke, on this holy morning, towards what were my first thoughts directed?  How did I begin the day?  What public or private duties have I neglected?  What has been my general frame of mind this day?  With what preparation did I go to the sanctuary?  How were my thoughts occupied on the way?  What were my feelings, on entering the house of God?  What was my general frame of mind, while there?  What my manner?  Have I felt any sensible delight in the exercises of public worship?  With what feelings did I join the devotional exercises of singing and prayer?  In what character did I view the preacher?  As whose message did I receive the word?  For whom did I hear—­for myself, or for others?  Was the word mixed with faith?  How much prayer did I mingle with hearing?  What evidence have I that it was attended by the Holy Spirit to my heart I Did I indulge wandering thoughts, in any part of the public services?  How much progress have I made, in overcoming these heart-wanderings?  How were my thoughts occupied on my return from public worship? [With what preparation did I go to the Sabbath-school?  When I went before my class, what were my feelings in regard to their souls, and my own responsibility?  How was my own heart affected with the truths contained in the lesson?  What direct efforts have I made for their conversion?  What general efforts to impress their minds with the truth?  What prayers have I offered in their behalf?  What have been my motives for desiring their conversion?] How much time have I spent this day in my closet?  What have been my feelings in prayer?  What in reading God’s word?  What in meditation?  Have I felt and acknowledged my dependence upon the Holy Spirit for every right exercise of heart?  What discoveries have I had of my own guilt and helplessness, and my need of a Saviour?  How has Jesus appeared

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