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several sets of questions, from which you may derive some aid in the performance of this duty.  By sitting down in your closet, after finishing the duties of the day, and seriously and prayerfully engaging in this exercise, you may try your conduct and feelings by the rules laid down in the Word of God.  You may thus bring to remembrance the exercises of your heart, as well as your actions; and be reminded of neglected duty, and of those great practical truths, which ought ever to be kept before your mind.  You may bring up your sins, and set them in order before you; and discover your easily besetting sins.  You may be led to exercise penitential sorrow of heart, and be driven anew to the cross of Christ for pardon, and for strength to subdue indwelling corruption.  Whenever you discover that you have exercised any correct feeling, or that your conduct has in any respect been conformed to the word of God, acknowledge with gratitude his grace in it, and give him the glory.  Wherein you find you have been deficient, confess your sin before God, and apply afresh to the blood of Christ, which “cleanseth from all sin.”  But be cautious that you do not put your feelings of regret, your tears and sorrows, in the place of the great sacrifice.  Remember that no degree of sorrow can atone for sin; and that only is godly sorrow which leads to the blood of Jesus.  Any peace of conscience, obtained from any other source, must be false peace.  It is in believing, only, that we can have joy and peace.

You will find advantage from varying this exercise.  When we frequently repeat anything in the same form, we are in danger of acquiring a careless habit, so that it will lose its effect.  Sometimes take the ten commandments, and examine your actions and motives by them.  And, in doing this, you will find great help from the explanation of the commandments contained in the Assembly’s Shorter Catechism.  This shows their spirituality, and brings them home to the heart.  Again, you may take some portion of Scripture, which contains precepts for the regulation of our conduct, and compare the actions of the day with them.  Or, you may take the life of Christ as a pattern, compare your conduct and motives with it, and see whether in all things you have manifested his spirit.

But do not be satisfied till the exercise, however performed, has taken hold of the heart, and led to penitence for sin, and a sense of pardon through the blood of Christ, which accompanies true contrition; for “the Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit.”

I have inserted several sets of questions for every day in the week, differing in length, to prevent monotony, and to accommodate those occasions when you have more or less time.


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