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receiving and discharging both the blood and the breath, require the most perfect freedom.  But when the chest is so compressed as to prevent the free play of the lungs, the whole system of respiration and circulation is deranged.  The consequences are, shortness of breath, faintness, impeded circulation, producing listlessness and languor; and inclination of the blood to the head, producing headache and distressing dizziness.  And, if this course is long persisted in, destruction of health is the inevitable conscience; and often the poor deluded victim of a barbarous fashion pays the forfeit of her life.  I have heard of many cases of death from this cause; three of which occurred in one family, within the circle of my acquaintance.  I need use no argument, then, to convince a Christian lady, that it is her duty to avoid this species of conformity to the world.  I can regard it in no other light than a palpable violation of the sixth commandment.

5. Do not make too much of the matter of dress. It is our duty to avoid every species of conformity to the world which requires the sacrifice of religious principle.  But, in things indifferent, we are allowed to conform to the customs of society.  I do not think there is much danger of observing excessive plainness of apparel; but there is danger of making so much account of it as to cultivate a self-righteous spirit.  It is remarkable that in almost every system of false religion, precise forms of dress are prescribed; especially for those who are devoted to what is termed a religious life; whereas, in the Bible, it is left to be regulated by the general principles and spirit of Christianity, with an occasional caution against extravagance; and it does not appear that Christ and the apostles and the early Christians adopted any peculiarity of dress.  From the description given of the wardrobe of our Saviour, it is probable that he wore the common dress of a religious teacher.  There is such a thing as a pride of singularity; and this is often manifested in the preparation and adjustment of the wardrobe.  Satan is ever on the alert, to observe the bent of the mind, and carry it to extremes.  Be not ignorant of his devices.  Watch and pray, that you enter not into temptation.

Your affectionate Brother.


Social and Relative Duties.

“All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye
even so to them.”  MATT. 7:12.


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