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he made his escape to the state of New York, in company with the notorious villain, Head, where they committed a burglary, and were sentenced to the Auburn State Prison from Geneseo.  When Wyatt arrived at the penitentiary, he was recognised by an old companion who had served in the Ohio Penitentiary, by the name of Gordon.  Gordon gave information to the keepers, of Wyatt’s having served a time in the penitentiary in Ohio.  Wyatt became enraged, and despairing of any chance of a pardon, being sentenced, I think, for fourteen years, he tried to effect his escape, but was detected and severely punished.  He then swore vengeance against Gordon, whose time was nearly expired; and on Saturday, the 15th of March, 1845, he secreted about his person one-half of a pair of shears, given him to work with in the tailor’s shop, which he reserved until the next day, (Sabbath, the 16th,) and as the prisoners were marching to their cells from their dinners, stabbed Gordon in the right side, immediately below the ribs.  The instrument passed towards his spine, through one of the main arteries, killing him almost instantly, and for this last deed he was hanged.

Finally, let me say to those who may be anxious to know more of the history of this unfortunate man, and of his crimes, that I have looked with great anxiety for the third letter, spoken of in my second to the Christian Advocate and Journal.  That the mystery of their not appearing has been no fault of mine.  I wrote four letters, and but two appeared.  Whether they were detained by the false and garbled statements which have been set forth by the Rev. O.E.  Morrill, or whether they have ever been received, I am unable to say.  However, I have written twice to Dr. Bond, and, as yet, I have not been able to learn by what authority they have been detained.  But should I have them returned, the public may be welcome to them for their worth.

Since the execution, we learned from those present, that Wyatt was taken from his cell, faint from the loss of blood he had shed a few days before, in his attempt to commit suicide.  When seated in his chair, under the gallows, he made remarks like the following:  “I have lived like a man, I will die like a man.  I am not afraid to die.  I am about to enter eternity, and appear before my God.  My conduct has been misrepresented—­men have sworn falsely against me—­I cannot and will not forgive them—­I am not the man I have been represented to be—­I did not commit the murder charged upon me in Ohio.  I am thankful to the sheriff and his family for their kindness.”  He manifested no religious penitence to the last.  He died an unbeliever.

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