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Country. 55 Village of Seluku, with Chiefs Emone at End and Remains
        of Broken-down Burial Platform in Middle.
56 Village of Amalala, with Chiefs Emone at End..
57 Village of Amalala (looking in other direction), with
        Secondary Emone at End.
58 Village of Malala, with Secondary Emone at End and
        Ordinary Grave and Burial Platform of Chief’s Child in Right
59 Village of Uvande, with Chief’s Emone at End.
60 Village of Biave, with Chief’s Emone at End and Burial
        Platform of Chief’s Child in Middle.
61 Chief’s Emone in Village of Amalala.
62 Chief’s Emone in Village of Malala.
63 House in Village of Malala.
64 House in Village of Levo, with Child’s Excrement Receptacle
        to Left.
65 Suspension Bridge over St. Joseph River.
66 Bridge over Aduala River.
67 Scene at Big Feast in Village of Amalala. 68 Row of Killed Pigs at Big Feast at Village of Amalala. 69 Scene at Village of Seluku during Preparations for Big
70 Scene at Big Feast at Village of Seluku.
71 Young Girl Ornamented for Perineal Band Ceremony. 72 Feast at Perineal Band Ceremony. 73 Figs, 1, 2, and 3.  Points of War Spears.  Fig. 4.  Point of
        War-Arrow.  Fig. 5.  Point of Bird-Shooting Arrow.
74 Fig. 1.  Bow.  Fig. 2.  Shield (outside).  Fig. 3.  Shield
75 Fig. 1.  Club (pineapple type of head).  Fig. 2.  Club (disc
        type of head).  Fig. 3.  Drum.  Fig. 4.  Adze.
76 Fishing Weir.
77 Planting Yams in Garden.
78 Collecting Sweet Potatoes in Garden.
79 Hammering Bark Cloth.
80 The Ine Pandanus.
81 Mafulu Network.
82 Funeral Feast (not of Chief).  Guests assembled to commence
        Dance down Village Enclosure.
83 The same Funeral Feast.  Guest Chief Dancing down Village
84 Platform Grave of Chief’s Child at Back.  Ordinary Grave
        in Front.
85 Group of Platform Graves of Chiefs and their Relations. 86 Platform Grave of a Chief’s Child. 87, 88 The Gabe Fig Tree, in which Chiefs’ Burial Boxes
        are placed and which is Generally Believed to be Haunted
        by Spirits.
89 The Remains of a Chiefs Burial Platform which has collapsed,
        and beneath which his Skull and some of his Bones are interred
90 An Emone to which are hung the Skulls and some of the
        Bones from Chiefs’ Burial Platforms which have Collapsed.
91 A House with Receptacle for Child’s Excrement.



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