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The pronouns are as follows;—­

                First person:  na
                Second person:  ni
                Third person:  pi.

These were obtained without much difficulty as well as the corresponding possessives nemai, nimai, and pimai; but plurals could not be obtained.  Possibly the above are both singular and plural.  The possessive precedes the noun, e.g., nemai tupumagi, my house. [129] A binary system of counting is shown in the following numerals:—­

One:  uniuni
Two:  karaala
Three:  naralavievi napuevi
Four:  naralavievi naralavievi
Five:  naralavievi naralavievi napuievi
Ten:  kowa
Eleven:  kowa uniuni
Twelve:  kowa karaala
Twenty:  kowakowa.

Seven, eight, and nine were also translated by saying naralavievi for each two, and napuevi for one over.  The numeral follows the noun, e.g., inai karaala, two spears. [130]


A Comparative Vocabulary of the Fuyuge, Afoa, and Kovio Languages

Prepared by Sidney H. Ray, M.A.

[From the MSS. of Rev. Father Egedi, Rev. P.J.  Money, and Dr. W.M.  Strong.  Words in square brackets from “Antropos,” II., pp. 1016-1021. Cf.  Appendix V.]

English:  Adze
Mafulu:  so(ve)
Kambisa:  so(nda)
Korona:  itau
Afoa:  kealeve
Kovio:  labian)ed

English:  Ankle
Mafulu:  sog’ u’ kodabe [131]
Kambisa:  segikanan [132]
Korona:  —­
Afoa:  —­
Kovio:  —­

English:  Areca-nut
Mafulu:  kese
Kambisa:  kesi
Korona:  soroma
Afoa:  iluve; [vonuve]
Kovio:  koveo; [auliri-koyo]

English:  Arm
Mafulu:  bodo(le); matange (shoulder)
Kambisa:  ia; kosa (shoulder)
Korona:  ya
Afoa:  kalab; [kala(pe)]
Kovio:  malau; [malao]

English:  Armlet
Mafulu:  koio(ne) (cane); matsi(ne) (shell)
Kambisa:  ino (cane)
Korona:  —­
Afoa:  [torite; litsi]
Kovio:  [loria]

English:  Arrow
Mafulu:  fod’ u’ komome
Kambisa:  —­
Korona:  fode
Afoa:  —­
Kovio:  [kilelupa]

English:  Ashes
Mafulu:  foye
Kambisa:  hoi
Korona:  —­
Afoa:  enamiro [133]; pita; [sepe]
Kovio:  iziuvate; [itekamite]

English:  Backbone
Mafulu:  bane
Kambisa:  bano
Korona:  —­
Afoa:  [momo(pe) (back)]
Kovio:  —­

English:  Bad
Mafulu:  ko(ye)
Kambisa:  —­
Korona:  ko
Afoa:  k=o=ali
Kovio:  kep)ip; [amifu]

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