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    This figure is calculated by me from the actual length and breadth
    given by Captain Rawling (Geographical Journal, vol. 38, p. 245).

Mafulu 80

Nasal Index.

Andamanese ?

Semang 101

    Calculated by me from average of actual measurements of 5 people
    given by Skeat and Blagden (Pagan Races, &c., p. 577).

Aetas ?

Reed records highly varying indices, the bulk of which were hyperplatyrhine (87.9-108.8), and nearly all the others of which were ultraplatyrhine (109 and over) (Negritos of Zambales, pp. 34, 35).

Dutch New Guinea dwarfs 80.9

    Calculated by me from Captain Rawling’s actual figures.

Mafulu 84.3

Colour of Skin.

Descriptions of this are so general, and so much depends in each case upon the relative meanings attached by each writer to the terms used by him, that I prefer to depend as regards the Andamanese, Semang, and Aetas upon Dr. Haddon’s descriptions, which are doubtless based upon his comparison of those given in previous literature.


    Very dark (Races of Man, &c., p. 9).


    Dark chocolate brown, approximating to black. (Ibid.).


    Dark sooty brown (Ibid.).

Dutch New Guinea dwarfs

    Brown (Rawling, Geographical Journal, vol. 38, p. 245).


    Dark sooty brown.

Texture of Hair.

This is frizzly in all cases, as with other negroids, the word “woolly” often used being, I imagine, intended to imply frizzly.

Colour of Hair.

This being a point which seems to me to be rather interesting,
I propose to quote various descriptions.


Varies from sooty black to dark brown, old gold, red and light brown; and, though these may be the colours of individual hairs, the general appearance is sooty black or yellowish-brown.  Portman (History of our Relations with the Andamanese, p. 30).

    Varies between black, greyish-black and sooty, the last perhaps
    Man (The Andaman Islanders, p.  II).

    Black, with a reddish tinge. 
    Haddon (Races of Man, &c., p. 9).


    Brownish-black, not a bluish-black like that of the Malays. 
    Skeat and Blagden (Pagan Races, &c., p. 46).

    Haddon (Races of Man, &c., p. 9).


    Brown-black, shining. 
    Semper (Journal of Anthropology for October, 1870, p. 135).

    Rich dark brown. 
    Writer of article on Semper’s work (Id.).

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