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    An’ de mule he stan’s a-dreamin’ an’ a-dreamin’ in de lot,
    An’ de sun it is a-shinin’ mighty hot, hot, hot.

    But evehbody is a-restin’, fu’ de craps is all laid by,
    An’ time fu’ de camp-meetin’ is a-drawin’ purty nigh;

    An’ we’s put away de ploughshare, an’ we’s done hung up de spade,
    An’ we’s eatin’ watermelon, an’ a-layin’ in de shade.


    W’en de banjos wuz a-ringin’,
    An’ de darkies wuz a-singin’,
    Oh, wuzen dem de good times sho! 
    All de ole folks would be chattin’,
    An’ de pickaninnies pattin’,
    As dey heah’d de feet a-shufflin’ ‘cross de flo’.

    An’ how we’d dance, an’ how we’d sing! 
    Dance tel de day done break. 
    An’ how dem banjos dey would ring,
    An’ de cabin flo’ would shake!

    Come along, come along,
    Come along, come along,
    Don’t you heah dem banjos a-ringin’?

    Gib a song, gib a song,
    Gib a song, gib a song,
    Git yo’ feet fixed up fu’ a-wingin’.

    W’ile de banjos dey go plunka, plunka, plunk,
    We’ll dance tel de ole flo’ shake;
    W’ile de feet keep a-goin’ chooka, chooka, chook,
    We’ll dance tel de day done break.


    Der ain’t no use in sayin’ de Lawd won’t answer prah;
    If you knows how to ax Him, I knows He’s bound to heah.

    De trouble is, some people don’t ax de proper way,
    Den w’en dey git’s no answer dey doubts de use to pray.

    You got to use egzac’ly de ‘spressions an’ de words
    To show dat ‘tween yo’ faith an’ works, you ’pends on works two-thirds.

    Now, one time I remember—­jes how long I won’t say—­
    I thought I’d like a turkey to eat on Chris’mus day.

    Fu’ weeks I dreamed ‘bout turkeys, a-struttin’ in der pride;
    But seed no way to get one—­widout de Lawd pervide.

    An’ so I went to prayin’, I pray’d wid all my might;
    “Lawd, sen’ to me a turkey.”  I pray’d bofe day an’ night.

    “Lawd, sen’ to me a turkey, a big one if you please.” 
    I ‘clar to heaben I pray’d so much I mos’ wore out ma knees.

    I pray’d dat prah so often, I pray’d dat prah so long,
    Yet didn’t git no turkey, I know’d ’twas sump’n wrong.

    So on de night ’fore Chris’mus w’en I got down to pray,
    “Lawd, sen’ me to a turkey,” I had de sense to say.

    “Lawd, sen’ me to a turkey.”  I know dat prah was right,
    An’ it was sholy answer’d; I got de bird dat night.


    Skin as black an’ jes as sof’ as a velvet dress,
    Teeth as white as ivory—­well dey is I guess.

    Eyes dat’s jes as big an’ bright as de evenin’ star;
    An’ dat hol’ some sort o’ light lublier by far.

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