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    Her eyes, twin pools so dark and deep,
    In which life’s ancient mysteries sleep;
    Wherein, to seek the quested goal,
    A man might plunge, and lose his soul.


    I dreamed that I was a rose
    That grew beside a lonely way,
    Close by a path none ever chose,
    And there I lingered day by day. 
    Beneath the sunshine and the show’r
    I grew and waited there apart,
    Gathering perfume hour by hour,
    And storing it within my heart,
      Yet, never knew,
    Just why I waited there and grew.

    I dreamed that you were a bee
    That one day gaily flew along,
    You came across the hedge to me,
    And sang a soft, love-burdened song. 
    You brushed my petals with a kiss,
    I woke to gladness with a start,
    And yielded up to you in bliss
    The treasured fragrance of my heart;
      And then I knew
    That I had waited there for you.


    When buffeted and beaten by life’s storms,
    When by the bitter cares of life oppressed,
    I want no surer haven than your arms,
    I want no sweeter heaven than your breast.

    When over my life’s way there falls the blight
    Of sunless days, and nights of starless skies;
    Enough for me, the calm and steadfast light
    That softly shines within your loving eyes.

    The world, for me, and all the world can hold
    Is circled by your arms; for me there lies,
    Within the lights and shadows of your eyes,
    The only beauty that is never old.


    ’Twas at early morning,
    The dawn was blushing in her purple bed,
    When in a sweet, embowered garden
    She, the fairest of the goddesses,
    The lovely Venus,
    Roamed amongst the roses white and red. 
    She sought for flowers
    To make a garland
    For her golden head.

    Snow-white roses, blood-red roses,
    In that sweet garden close,
    Offered incense to the goddess: 
    Both the white and the crimson rose.

    White roses, red roses, blossoming: 
    But the fair Venus knew
    The crimson roses had gained their hue
    From the hearts that for love had bled;
    And the goddess made a garland
    Gathered from the roses red.


    I sometimes take you in my dreams to a far-off land I used to know,
    Back in the ages long ago; a land of palms and languid streams.

    A land, by night, of jeweled skies, by day, of shores that glistened bright,
    Within whose arms, outstretched and white, a sapphire sea lay crescent-wise.

    Where twilight fell like silver floss, where rose the golden moon half-hid
    Behind a shadowy pyramid; a land beneath the Southern Cross.

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