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103.  Lot Conant.

     [This was the homestead of his father, Roger Conant.]

104.  Benjamin Balch, Sr. (Azor Dodge.) s.

     [This was the homestead of his father, John Balch.]

105.  Thomas Gage. (Charles Davis.) s.

106.  Families of Trask, Grover, Haskell, and Elliott.

107.  Rev. John Hale.

108.  Dorcas, widow of William Hoar.

109.  William and Samuel Upton. c.

110.  Abraham and John Smith. (J.  Smith.) s.

     [This had been the homestead of Robert Goodell.]

111.  Isaac Goodell. (Perley Goodale.)

112.  Abraham Walcot. (Jasper Pope.) s.m.

113.  Zachariah Goodell. (Jasper Pope.)

114.  Samuel Abbey.

115.  John Walcot.

116.  Jasper Swinnerton. s.m.

117.  John Weldon.  Captain Samuel Gardner’s farm. (Asa Gardner.)

118.  Gertrude, widow of Joseph Pope. (Rev. Willard Spaulding.) s.m.

119.  Capt.  Thomas Flint. s.

120.  Joseph Flint. s.

121.  Isaac Needham. c.

122.  The widow Sheldon and her daughter Susannah.

123.  Walter Phillips. (F.  Peabody, Jr.)

124.  Samuel Endicott. s.m.

125.  Families of Creasy, King, Batchelder, and Howard.

126.  John Green. (J.  Green) s.

127.  John Parker.

128.  Giles Corey. t.r.

129.  Henry Crosby.

130.  Anthony Needham, Jr. (E. and J.S.  Needham.)

131.  Anthony Needham, Sr.

132.  Nathaniel Felton. (Nathaniel Felton.) s.

133.  James Houlton. (Thorndike Procter.)

134.  John Felton.

135.  Sarah Phillips.

136.  Benjamin Scarlett. (District Schoolhouse No. 6.)

137.  Benjamin Pope.

138.  Robert Moulton. (T.  Taylor.) c.

139.  John Procter.

140.  Daniel Epps. c.

141.  Joseph Buxton. c.

142.  George Jacobs, Sr. (Allen Jacobs.) s.

143.  William Shaw.

144.  Alice, widow of Michael Shaflin. (J.  King.)

145.  Families of Buffington, Stone, and Southwick.

146.  William Osborne.

147.  Families of Very, Gould, Follet, and Meacham.

+ Nathaniel Ingersoll.

¶ Rev. Samuel Parris. t.r.

[Symbol:  box] Captain Jonathan Walcot. t.r.


     [For the sites of the following dwellings, &c., referred to
     in the book, see the small capitals in the lower right-hand
     corner of the Map.]

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