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[The Map shows all the houses standing in 1692 within the bounds of Salem Village; some others in the vicinity are also given.  The houses are numbered on the Map with Arabic numerals, 1, 2, 3, &c., beginning at the top, and proceeding from left to right.  In the following list, against each number, is given the name of the occupant in 1692, and, in some cases, that of the recent occupant or owner of the locality is added in parenthesis.]


s. The same house believed to be still standing.

s.m. The same house standing within the memory of persons now living.

t.r. Traces of the house remain.

c. The site given is conjectural.

1.  John Willard. c.

2.  Isaac Easty.

3.  Francis Peabody. c.

4.  Joseph Porter. (John Bradstreet.)

5.  William Hobbs. t.r.

6.  John Robinson.

7.  William Nichols. t.r.

8.  Bray Wilkins. c.

9.  Aaron Way. (A.  Batchelder.)

10.  Thomas Bailey.

11.  Thomas Fuller, Sr. (Abijah Fuller.)

12.  William Way.

13.  Francis Elliot. c.

14.  Jonathan Knight. c.

15.  Thomas Cave. (Jonathan Berry.)

16.  Philip Knight. (J.D.  Andrews.)

17.  Isaac Burton.

18.  John Nichols, Jr. (Jonathan Perry and Aaron Jenkins.) s.

19.  Humphrey Case. t.r.

20.  Thomas Fuller, Jr. (J.A.  Esty.) s.

21.  Jacob Fuller.

22.  Benjamin Fuller.

23.  Deacon Edward Putnam. s.m.

24.  Sergeant Thomas Putnam. (Moses Perkins.) s.

25.  Peter Prescot. (Daniel Towne.)

26.  Ezekiel Cheever. (Chas. P. Preston.) s.m.

27.  Eleazer Putnam. (John Preston.) s.m.

28.  Henry Kenny.

29.  John Martin. (Edward Wyatt.)

30.  John Dale. (Philip H. Wentworth.)

31.  Joseph Prince. (Philip H. Wentworth.)

32.  Joseph Putnam. (S.  Clark.) s.

33.  John Putnam 3d.

34.  Benjamin Putnam.

35.  Daniel Andrew. (Joel Wilkins.)

36.  John Leach, Jr. c.

37.  John Putnam, Jr. (Charles Peabody.)

38.  Joshua Rea. (Francis Dodge.) s.

39.  Mary, wid. of Thos.  Putnam. (William R. Putnam.) s.

[Birthplace of Gen. Israel Putnam.  Gen. Putnam also lived in a house, the cellar and well of which are still visible, about one hundred rods north of this, and just west of the present dwelling of Andrew Nichols.]

40.  Alexander Osburn and James Prince. (Stephen Driver.) s.

41.  Jonathan Putnam. (Nath.  Boardman.) s.

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