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Granted by the General Court, Nov. 7, 1632, May 6, 1635, and March 12, 1638, 1,500 acres, part in Salem and part in Lynn; sold, on execution, to Robert Saltonstall, Dec. 6, 1642, and by him sold to Stephen Winthrop, June 7, 1645, whose daughters—­Margaret Willie and Judith Hancock—­owned it in 1692:  that part within the bounds of Salem is given in the Map according to the report of a committee, July 11, 1695.


Granted by the General Court to Gov.  Endicott; owned by his grandsons,
John and Samuel, in 1692.


Granted to Gov.  Endicott, Jan. 27, 1637, Dec. 23, 1639, and Feb. 5, 1644; including land granted under the name of “small lots.”


Granted to Francis Johnson, Jan. 23, 1637.


     [The bounds of farms are indicated by dotted lines, except
     where they coincide with the bounds of grants.  The following
     are those given on the Map.]

1st, Between grants No.  XI. and VII., and extending north of the Village bounds, and south as far as Andover Road,—­about 500 acres; bought by Thomas and Nathaniel Putnam of Philip Cromwell, Walter Price and Thomas Cole, Jeffry Massey, John Reaves, Joseph and John Gardner, and Giles Corey; owned, in 1692, by Edward Putnam, Thomas Putnam, and John Putnam, Jr.  This includes also 50 acres granted to Nathaniel Putnam, Nov. 19, 1649.

2d, At the northerly end of Grant No.  VII., and extending north of the Village bounds,—­100 acres, known as the “Ruck Farm;” granted to Thomas Ruck, May 27, 1654, and sold to Philip Knight and Thomas Cave, July 24, 1672.

3d, North of the “Ruck Farm,”—­100 acres; sold by William Robinson to Richard Richards and William Hobbs, Jan. 1, 1660, and owned, in 1692, by William Hobbs and John Robinson.

4th, Next east, bounded northeast by Nichols Brook, and extending within the Village bounds,—­200 acres; granted to Henry Bartholomew, and sold by him to William Nichols before 1652.

5th, East of the “Ruck Farm,” and extending across the Village bounds,—­about 150 acres; granted to John Putnam and Richard Graves.  Part of this was sold by John Putnam to Capt.  Thomas Lothrop, June 2, 1669, and was owned by Ezekiel Cheever in 1692:  the rest was owned by John Putnam.

6th, East of the above, and south of the Nichols Farm,—­60 acres, owned by Henry Kenny; also 50 acres granted to Job Swinnerton, given by him to his son, Dr. John Swinnerton, and sold to John Martin and John Dale, March 20, 1693.

7th, South of the above, and east of Grant No.  VII.,—­150 acres; granted to William Pester, July 16, 1638, and sold by Capt.  William Trask to Robert Prince, Dec. 20, 1655.

8th, East of Grant No.  VI., and extending north to Smith’s Hill and south to Grant No.  IX.,—­about 400 acres; granted to Allen Kenniston, John Porter, and Thomas Smith, and owned, in 1692, by Daniel Andrew and Peter Cloyse.

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