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“Are you—­are you going to have me for supper?” asked Uncle Wiggily, sort of anxious like.

“I am!” cried the alligator, positively.  “But I will eat the dessert first.  Give me those cream puffs!” he cried and he made a grab for the bunny’s basket, and, reaching in, scooped out the puff balls, thinking they were cream puffs.  The ’gator, without looking, took one bite and a chew and then——­

“Oh, my!  Ker-sneezio!  Ker-snitzio!  Ker-choo!” he sneezed as the powder from the puff balls went up his nose and into his eyes.  “Oh, what funny cream puffs!  Wow!” And, not stopping to so much as nibble at Uncle Wiggily, away ran the alligator to get a drink of lemonade.

[Illustration:  “Ker-sneezio!  Ker-snitzio!  Ker-choo!” he sneezed as the powder from the puff balls went up his nose and into his eyes.]

So you see, after all, the weasel’s trick saved Uncle Wiggily, who soon went back to the store for more cream puffs—­real ones this time, and he got safely home with them.

And nothing else happened that day.  But if the trolley car stops running down the street to play with the jitney bus, so the pussy cat can have a ride when it wants to go shopping in the three and four-cent store, I’ll tell you next about Uncle Wiggily and the May flowers.



“Rat-a-tat!” came a knock on the door of the hollow stump bungalow, where Uncle Wiggily Longears, the rabbit gentleman, lived in the woods with Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy, his muskrat lady housekeeper.

“My!  Some one is calling early to-day!” said the bunny uncle.

“Sit still and eat your breakfast,” spoke Nurse Jane.  “I’ll see who it is.”

When she opened the door there stood Jimmie Wibblewobble, the boy duck.

“Why where are you going so early this morning, Jimmie?” asked Uncle Wiggily.

“I’m going to school,” answered the Wibblewobble chap, who was named that because his tail did wibble and wobble from side to side when he walked.

“Aren’t you a bit early?” asked Mr. Longears.

“I came early to get you,” said Jimmie.  “Will you come for a walk with me, Uncle Wiggily?  We can walk toward the hollow stump school, where the lady mouse teaches us our lessons.”

“Why, it’s so very early,” Uncle Wiggily went on.  “I have hardly had my breakfast.  Why so early, Jimmie?”

The duck boy whispered in Uncle Wiggily’s ear: 

“I want to go early so I can gather some May flowers for the teacher.  This is the first day of May, you know, and the flowers that have been wet by the April showers ought to be blossoming now.”

“So they had!” cried Uncle Wiggily.  “I’ll hurry with my breakfast, Jimmie, and we’ll go gathering May flowers in the woods.”

Soon the bunny uncle and the boy duck were walking along where the green trees grew up out of the carpet of soft green moss.

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