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“Oh, tell me where!” exclaimed the muskrat lady clapping her paws, anxious like.

“In a hollow stump bungalow, just like this, but in the woods instead of in the country,” answered Uncle Wiggily.

“Oh, that will be fine!” cried Miss Fuzzy Wuzzy.  “I love the woods.  When are we to go?”

“Very soon now,” answered the bunny gentleman uncle.  “You may begin to pack up as quickly as you please.”

And Nurse Jane and Uncle Wiggily moved to the woods very next day and his adventures began.

I guess most of you know about the rabbit gentleman and his muskrat lady housekeeper who nursed him when he was ill with the rheumatism.  Uncle Wiggily had lots and lots of adventures, about which I have told you in the books before this one.

He had traveled about seeking his fortune, he had even gone sailing in his airship, and once he met Mother Goose and all her friends from Old King Cole down to Little Jack Horner.

Uncle Wiggily had many friends among the animal boys and girls.  There was Sammie and Susie Littletail, the rabbits, who have a book all to themselves; just as have Jackie and Peetie Bow Wow, the puppy dog boys, and Jollie and Jillie Longtail, the mice children.

“And I s’pose we’ll meet all your friends in the woods, won’t we, Uncle Wiggily?” asked Nurse Jane, as they moved from the old hollow stump bungalow to the new one.

“Oh, yes, I s’pose so, of course,” he laughed in answer, as he pulled his tall silk hat more tightly down on his head, fastened on his glasses and took his red, white and blue striped barber pole rheumatism crutch that Nurse Jane had gnawed for him out of a cornstalk.

So, once upon a time, not very many years ago, as all good stories should begin, Uncle Wiggily and Nurse Jane found themselves in the woods.  It was lovely among the trees, and as soon as the rabbit gentleman had helped Miss Fuzzy Wuzzy put the hollow stump bungalow to rights he started out for a walk.

“I want to see what sort of adventures I shall have in the woods,” said Mr. Longears as he hopped along.

Now in these woods lived, among many other creatures good and bad, two skillery-scalery alligators who were not exactly friends of the bunny uncle.  But don’t let that worry you, for though the alligators, and other unpleasant animals, may, once in a while, make trouble for Uncle Wiggily, I’ll never really let them hurt him.  I’ll fix that part all right!

So, one day, the skillery-scalery alligator with the humps on his tail, and his brother, another skillery-scalery chap, whose tail was double jointed, were taking a walk through the woods together just as Uncle Wiggily was doing.

“Brother,” began the hump-tailed ’gator (which I call him for short), “brother, wouldn’t you like a nice rabbit?”

“Indeed I would,” answered the double-jointed tail ’gator, who could wobble his flippers both ways.  “And I know of no nicer rabbit than Uncle Wiggily Longears.”

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