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    Rush’d instantaneous ——­

For the use of this word, I have many authorities in cattie: 

    Flowers instantaneous spring—­
    With instantaneous gleam, illumed the vault of night—­
    An instantaneous change of thought—­&c.



The Supreme Being commands the Genius of Sweden to lull the Danish garrison of Dalecarlia into false security, to invigorate the drooping spirits of the Dalecarlians, and to assist and increase the army of Prince Frederic of Denmark by means of various rumours, &c.—­The Genius dispatches a fiend to execute the first commission, while he hastens to perform the second.—­Transition to Gustavus.—­He finds his sword, but misses Ernestus, by means of a storm which the whirlwind had excited.—­His reflections.—­Taking shelter under the roof of a cottage; he there overhears a party of young men, with Adolphus at their head, exclaiming against the dilatory measures of the seniors, and resolving on more vigorous plans.—­He joins them, without disclosing himself, and bids them report to the council, that a stranger will appear in the public assembly of Dalecarlia, the following day, and notify things which may influence their counsels.—­He retires:  Adolphus follows him unseen.—­The youths, returning to the assembly, find their elders watching the event of an augury, mentioned in the Third Book.—­Its process described—­the result.—­The young men announce their message.—­Reflections of the Dalecarlians on it.—­Gustavus meets Ernestus, and prepares to attack him, but is prevented by a miraculous sign.—­The Genius of Sweden, after having revived the spirits of the Dalecarlians, passes to Denmark, where he influences the Danes to join the standards of Prince Frederic of Oldenburg.—­Description of that Prince’s court, and of the state of Denmark.—­The Genius returns through Sweden.—­Account of what was passing there.


The Genius arrives at Mora.—­Gustavus is convinced of the truth.—­His reflections on the occasion.—­He concludes a friendship with Ernestus.—­He meets Adolphus, whom he recognizes as one of his former soldiers, and whom he dispatches to the Danish fortress, to observe the motions of the enemy.—­They return to the house of the Priest of Mora, under whose protection Gustavus then remained, and relate the recent events.—­The Curate’s reply.—­They retire to rest.

The Dalecarlian convention described.—­Their proceedings prior to the arrival of Gustavus among them.—­He announces himself in the morning.—­Their joy.—­The augury miraculously fulfilled.—­Gustavus takes measures to prevent the treacherous designs of some of the Dalecarlian tribes.—­He is saluted king and general by the whole assembly.—­They request him to relate his adventures.

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