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The unfortunate Koch is one more of William’s victims.  It was his Imperial will that Germany should wake up one morning to find herself possessed of a Pasteur of her own.  He could not even wait long enough to allow the necessary experiments to be made with a remedy which is so violent that it may well be mortal.  At the word of command “Forward, march,” Koch found himself propelled by His Majesty into the position of a benevolent genius.

Dr. Henri Huchard has expressed his opinion of Koch’s method in the following words:  “In therapeutics, daring is always permissible, so long as it preserves its respect for human life.”

A few days ago, the German Emperor was thrusting his advice on a man of science, to-day he is overthrowing the most venerable traditions of the Prussian monarchy with the scheme of M. Miguel, the new system, for taxing incomes and legacies, opening a campaign against the nobility and the old conservatives.  With the help of an official of the “younger generation”—­for thus is he pleased to describe his Minister of Finance—­he begins to make war on the “old school.”

With the “old school” in his mind’s eye, he conceives another idea, namely, that of a new method of teaching in the elementary, secondary and high schools, upon which it will be unnecessary to improve for the next hundred years.  He sets the faithful M. Hinzpeter to work, and compels him to toil night and day to prepare a complete programme in all haste—­whereupon behold the Emperor holding forth to the collegians just as he does to the recruits.

“Down with Latin!” cries William.  “Let us make Germans instead of Greeks and Romans!  Let us teach our children the practical side of life.”  All of which does not prevent him from adding:  “Let us teach them the fabulous history of our race.”

William insists that his name shall be on every lip—­that he be recognised as father of his workmen, father of collegians, father of the country at large.  It is his ambition to look upon all his subjects as his sons.  Much good may it do them!

December 27, 1890. [18]

The Emperor of Germany, determined supporter of triumphant militarism, and, therefore, the deadly enemy of every permanent and beneficial social reform, has suddenly stopped short in his attempts to improve the condition of the masses.

If you ask:  To whom does William II give satisfaction? the only possible answer is:  Himself!  For it matters nothing to him whether these plans of his succeed or fail.  The thing that does matter to him is, that he should have left his mark everywhere, and that, after a quarter of a century or more, legislators shall inevitably find, in every project of law, the sacred mark, the holy seal of William’s mind.

[1] From La Nouvelle Revue, of April 15, 1890, “Letters on Foreign Policy.”

[2] This paper had been, till then, in the service of Prince Bismarck.

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