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with moss and mould,
  And yet these walls—­the same whose shadows fell
  Athwart the crimson snow where Preston charged[3]—­
  Still cast their shadows; not on troops, nor mob
  Exasperated by their wrongs, but on
  A jostling, hurrying throng—­freeman each one,
  Unless in bondage to himself.  O Man: 
  Pass not all heedless by, nor imprecate
  This aged relic of the past because
  It lies across thy path!  From avarice
  Redeemed; restored unto its former self,—­
  We hail thee, noble Sentry of the years,
  And greet thee with a thousand loving cheers!

[Footnote 3:  The “Boston Massacre,” March 5th, 1770.]

* * * * *



From the earliest times to the commencement of the Christian Era, the amount of the gold and silver obtained from the surface and mines of the earth is estimated to be $5,084,000,000; from the latter event to the epoch of the discovery of America, $4,363,374,000 were obtained; from the date of the last event to the end of 1842, an addition of $8,500,000,000 was made; the extensive working of the Russian gold mines in 1843, and subsequent years, added to the close of 1852, $1,400,000,000 more; the quadruple discovery of the California gold mines in 1848, those of Australia in 1851, of New Zealand in 1861, and the silver mines of Nevada and other countries bordering upon the Pacific slope of the United States, added, at the close of 1884, $7,093,626,000, making a grand total at the present time of $26,441,000,000.

The average loss by the attrition of coin is estimated by Prof.  Bowen at one-fortieth of one per cent, per annum; and the average loss by consumption in the arts, and destruction by fire and shipwreck, at $9,000,000 per annum.  The amount of the precious metals in existence is estimated to be $13,670,000,000, of which gold furnishes $8,166,000,000, and silver $5,504,000,000.  Of the amount now in existence, $10,500,000,000 are estimated to be in coin and bullion, $2,000,000,000 in watches, and the remainder in plate, jewelry, and ornaments.  Of the amount now in existence, $9,448,000,000 is estimated to have been obtained from America, $1,908,000,000 from Asia (including Australia, New Zealand, and Oceanica); $1,004,000,000 from Europe, and $1,310,000,000 from Africa.

The following statement will exhibit the product of the precious metals throughout the world in 1884:—­

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