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Every boy with a jack-knife in his pocket and his head full of plans will fall to with delight on anything that gives him plenty to do in the boyish line.  This is the merit of a little manual just published by the Messrs. D. Lothrop & Co., A Boy’s Workshop, with Plans and Designs for Indoor and Outdoor Work, by a “Boy and his Friends”; with an introduction by Henry Randall Waite.  The little manual goes to work intelligibly, describing the shop, and the tools, giving hints and accurate directions how to make a great variety of things whose uses will be at once apparent to the boyish mind, and suggestions as to other mysteries, the key to which makes any boy who possesses it a king among his mates.

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“How Success is Won,” by Sarah K. Bolton (D.  Lothrop & Co.), is a collection of twelve brief biographies intended to make clear to the young the character and conduct that have resulted in the success of Peter Cooper, John B. Gough, John G. Whittier, John Wanamaker, Henry M. Stanley, Johns Hopkins, William M. Hunt, Elias Howe, Jr., Alexander H. Stephens, Thomas A. Edison, Dr. W.T.G.  Morton and the Rev. John H. Vincent.  The sketches are gracefully and interestingly written, and the little volume is in every way to be commended.—­N.Y.  Com.  Adv.

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The Gray Masque of Mrs. Mary Barker Dodge (D.  Lothrop & Co., Boston) has won a series of splendid notices; yet, so far as we know, sufficient stress has not been laid upon the keynote of the volume. Love, in its varying phases, sounds through the majority of the verses like the refrain of a song.  Sometimes sad, sometimes solemn, oftener gay and hopeful, the differing themes take up, one after another, the burden of the initial poem; and answer, in separate ways, the question there propounded, until the many-sided revelation is found to be fittingly illustrated on the cover by the winged boy, who throws aside the masque of mortality, and, soaring aloft, leaves behind him every earthly doubt and care.  The “Dedication” and the concluding poem, the first emotional in its simplicity, the last intellectual in its subtlety, mark the breadth as well as the limits of Mrs. Dodge’s poetical expression.—­Baldwin’s Monthly.


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