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By The Sea                          Teresa Herrick                  377
Equinoctial                         Sidney Maxwell                  383
Growing Old                                                         299
In Ember Days                       Adelaide G. Waldron             277
Memory’s Pictures                   Charles Carleton Coffin (1846)  124
The Muse of History                 Elizabeth Porter Gould          248
Room At The Top                                                     366
The Old State House                 Sidney Maxwell                  414
Idleness                            Sidney Harrison                 183
A Birthday Sonnet                   George W. Bungay                201


Charles Carleton Coffin                                        Facing 1
John B. Clarke                                                        9
Sylvester Marsh                                                      65
John Albion Andrew                                                  141
John D. Long                                                        221
Hugh O’Brien                                                        253
William Wallace Crapo                                               309
Henry W. Paine                                                      391

[Illustration:  Charles Carleton Coffin]


A Massachusetts Magazine

Vol.  III.  April, 1885.  No.  I.

* * * * *


Among the emigrants from England to the western world in the great Puritan exodus was Joanna Thember Coffin, widow, and her son Tristram, and her two daughters, Mary and Eunice.  Their home was in Brixton, two miles from Plymouth, in Devonshire.  Tristram was entering manhood’s prime—­thirty-three years of age.  He had a family of five children.  Quite likely the political troubles between the King and Parliament, the rising war cloud, was the impelling motive that induced the family to leave country, home, friends, and all dear old things, and become emigrants to the New World.  Quite likely Tristram, when a youth, in 1620, may have seen the Mayflower spread her white sails to the breeze and fade away in the western horizon, for the departure of that company of pilgrims must have been the theme of conversation in and around Plymouth.  Without doubt it set the young man to thinking of the unexplored continent beyond the stormy Atlantic.  In 1632 his neighbors and friends began to leave, and in 1642 he, too, bade farewell to dear old England, to become a citizen of Massachusetts Bay.

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