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+Saeter-girls.+ Peer G. +Sallust of Perusia.+ Emp. and Gal. 1 +Sandstad, a merchant.+ Pil. of Soc. +Schoolmaster.+ Brand +Selma Bratsberg.+ See Bratsberg, Selma +Severus.+ Emp. and Gal. 1 +Severus.+ Norma. +Sexton.+ Brand +Shipbuilder Aune.+ Pil. of Soc. +Short-sighted gentleman.+ W. Duck +Sigard of Brabant.+ Pretend. +Signe.+ Feast at Sol. +Sigrid.+ Pretend. +Sigurd Ribbing.+ See Ribbing, Sigurd +Sigurd the strong.+ Vik. of Helg. +Sintula.+ Emp. and Gal. 1 +Sira Viliam.+ Pretend. +Sister of Mercy.+ When we Dead +Skaktavl, Olaf.+ Lady Inger +Skule, Earl.+ Pretend. +Skytte Knut.+ Fjeld. +Sofie.+ Svan. +Solness, Aline.+ Mast.  Build. +——­ Halvard.+ Mast.  Build. +Solveig.+ Peer G. +Soerby, Mrs.+ W. Duck +Sphinx at Gizeh.+ Peer G. +Straamand.+ Svan. +Straamand, Fru.+ Svan. +Statilius.+ Catilina +Stensgard.+ L. of Youth +Stensson, Nils.+ Lady Inger +Styver.+ Love’s Com. +Stockmann, Dr. Thomas.+ En. of Peop. +——­ Mrs.+ En. of Peop. +——­ Peter.+ En. of Peop. +Stranger.+ Lady fr.  Sea +Stranger lady.+ When we Dead +Strawman.+ Love’s Com. +——­ Mrs.+ Love’s Com. +Svanhild.+ Love’s Com. +Svanhild.+ Svan. +Sven.+ Svan.

+Tempter in the desert.+ Brand +Tesman, George.+ Hed.  Gab. +Themistius.+ Emp. and Gal. 2 +Thief.+ Peer G. +Thin-haired gentleman.+ W. Duck +Thora Bratsberg.+ See Bratsberg, Thora +Thorgejr.+ Fjeld. +Thorgejr.+ Olaf Lil. +Thoralf.+ Vik. of Helg. +Toennesen, Hilmar.+ Pil. of Soc. +——­ Johan.+ Pil. of Soc. +Troll-courtier.+ Peer G. +Troll-maidens.+ Peer G. +Troll-urchins.+ Peer G. +Trumpeterstrale.+ Peer G.

+Ugly brat.+ Peer G. +Ulfheim.+ When we Dead +Ulric Brendel.+ See Brendel, Ulric +Ursulas.+ Emp. and Gal. 2

+Vaeradal, Vegand.+ Pretend. +Varg, Miss.+ +Workshop+ Lit.  Eyolf +Varro.+ Emp. and Gal. 1 +Vigeland, a merchant.+ Pil. of Soc. +Vikings.+ Kaempehojen +Voice.+ Brand

+Waiter.+ L. of Youth +Waitress at Madam Rundholmen’s.+ L. of Youth +Wangel, Dr.+ Lady fr.  Sea +——­ Ellida.+ Lady fr.  Sea +——­ Hilda.+ Mast.  Build. +Wedding guests.+ Olaf Lil. +Werle.+ W. Duck +Werle, Gregers.+ W. Duck +West, Rebecca.+ Rosm. +Wilton, Mrs. Fanny.+ J. G. Bork.

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Errors and Inconsistencies: 

Spelling and Punctuation: 

All variation between ae and ae, oe and o, or a and aa is as in the original.  Some final periods (full stops) have been regularized for consistency.  Although the spelling “Kjaempehojen” (or -oej- or -oi-) is as correct as “Kaempehojen”, it has been regularized in subject headers to simplify text searching.


+Fjeld.+ Fjeldfuglen. [Fjeldfugeln] +Kaemp.+ Kaempehojen [Kaempehojen]


...  Durchgesehen und eingeleitet von Georg Brandes.  Julius Elias, Paul
  Schlenther.  Von Dichter authorisiert.
    [Durchgeschen ... authoriesiert]
... v. 8-9 “paa grundlag af J. B. Halvorsen’s samlinger”
    [of J. B. Halvorsen’s samlinger missing close quote]

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