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“Open up, there,” I called commandingly, “or else I’ll take this axe and break down your door.”

In the darkness I had been unobservant of a narrow slide in the upper panel, but had scarcely uttered these words of threat when the flare of a discharge almost in my very face fairly blinded me, and I fell backward, aware of a burning sensation in one shoulder.  The next instant I lay outstretched on the ground, and it seemed to me that life was fast ebbing from my body.  Twice I endeavored vainly to rise, but at the second attempt my brain reeled dizzily and I sank back unconscious.



I turned my head slightly on the hard shuck pillow and gazed curiously about.  When my eyes had first opened all I could perceive was the section of log wall against which I rested, but now, after painfully turning over, the entire interior of the single-room cabin was revealed.  It was humble enough in all its appointments, the walls quite bare, the few chairs fashioned from half-barrels, a packing box for a table, and the narrow bed on which I lay constructed from saplings lashed together, covered with a coarse ticking, packed with straw.  The floor was of hard, dry clay; a few live coals remained, smoking in the open fireplace, while a number of garments, among them to be recognized my own clothing, dangled from wooden pegs driven into the chinks of the farther wall.  I surveyed the entire circuit of the room wonderingly, a vague memory of what had lately occurred returning slowly to mind.  To all appearances I was there alone, although close beside me stood a low stool, supporting a tin basin partially filled with water.  As I moved I became conscious of a dull pain in my left shoulder, which I also discovered to be tightly bandaged.  It was late in the day, for the rays of the sun streamed in through the single window, and lay a pool of gold along the center of the floor.

I presume it was not long, yet my thoughts were so busy it seemed as if I must have been lying there undisturbed for some time, before the door opened quietly, and I became aware of another occupant of the room.  Paying no attention to me he crossed to the fireplace, stirred the few smouldering embers into flame, placing upon these some bits of dried wood, and then idly watched as they caught fire.  The newcomer was a negro, gray-haired but still vigorous, evidently a powerful fellow judging from his breadth of shoulder, and possessing a face denoting considerable intelligence.  Finally he straightened up and faced me, his eyes widening with interest as he caught mine fastened upon him, his thick lips instantly parting in a good-natured grin.

“De good Lord be praised!” he ejaculated, in undisguised delight.  “Is yer really awake agin, honey?  De docthar say he done thought ye’d cum round by terday sure, sah.  Enyhow I’s almighty glad fer ter see yer wid dem eyes open onct mor’—­yas, sah, I sure am.”

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