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Margaret of Navarre (Sicilian queen)
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Tale LXV.  Merry mistake of a worthy woman, who in the church of St. John of Lyons mistakes a sleeping soldier for one of the statues on a tomb, and sets a lighted candle on his forehead.

Tale LXVI.  How an old serving-woman, thinking to surprise a Prothonotary with a lady, finds herself insulting Anthony de Bourbon and his wife Jane d’Albret.

Tale LXVII.  How the Sire de Robertval, granting a traitor his life at the prayers of the man’s wife, set them both down on a desert island, and how, after the husband’s death, the wife was rescued and brought back to La Rochelle.

Tale LXVIII.  The wife of an apothecary at Pau, hearing her husband give some powder of cantharides to a woman who was godmother with himself, secretly administered to him such a dose of the same drug that he nearly died.

Tale lxix.  How the wife of one of the King’s Equerries surprised her husband muffled in the hood of their servant-maid, and bolting meal in her stead.

Tale LXX.  Of the love of a Duchess of Burgundy for a gentleman who rejects her advances, for which reason she accuses him to the Duke her husband, and the latter does not believe his oaths till assured by him that he loves the Lady du Vergier.  Then the Duchess, having drawn knowledge of this amour from her husband, addresses to the Lady du Vergier in public, an allusion that causes the death of both lovers; and the Duke, in despair at his own lack of discretion, stabs the Duchess himself.



Tale lxxi.  The wife of a saddler of Amboise is saved on her deathbed through a fit of anger at seeing her husband fondle a servant-maid.

Tale LXXII.  Kindness of the Duchess of Alencon to a poor nun whom she meets at Lyons, on her way to Rome, there to confess to the Pope how a monk had wronged her, and to obtain his Holiness’s pardon.

Appendix (The Narrators of the Heptameron)



Tale li.  The Duke of Urbino sending the Maiden to Prison for carrying
Messages between his Son and his Sweetheart.

LII.  The Gentleman and his Friend annoyed by The Smell of that which they Thought was Sugar.

LIII.  The Lord des Cheriots flying from the Prince’s Servant.

LIV.  The Lady watching the Shadow Faces Kissing.

LV.  The Servant selling the Horse with the Cat.

LVI.  The Grey Friar introducing his Comrade to the Lady and her

LVII.  The English Lord seizing the Lady’s Glove.

LVIII.  The Gentleman Mocked by the Ladies When Returning From The False

LIX.  The Lady discovering her Husband with the Waiting-woman.

LX.  The Chanter of Blois delivering his Mistress from the Grave.

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