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Margaret of Navarre (Sicilian queen)
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Tale XLI.  Just punishment of a Grey Friar for the unwonted penance that he would have laid upon a maiden.

Tale XLII.  The virtuous resistance made by a young woman of Touraine causes a young Prince that is in love with her, to change his desire to respect, and to bestow her honourably in marriage.

Tale XLIII.  How a little chalk-mark revealed the hypocrisy of a lady called Jambicque, who was wont to hide the pleasures she indulged in, beneath the semblance of austerity.

Tale XLIV. (A).  Through telling the truth, a Grey Friar receives as alms from the Lord of Sedan two pigs instead of one.

Tale XLIV. (B).  Honourable conduct of a young citizen of Paris, who, after suddenly enjoying his sweetheart, at last happily marries.

Tale XLV.  Cleverness of an upholsterer of Touraine, who, to hide that he has given the Innocents to his serving-maid, contrives to give them afterwards to his wife.

Tale XLVI. (A).  Wicked acts of a Grey Friar of Angouleme called De Vale, who fails in his purpose with the wife of the Judge of the Exempts, but to whom a mother in blind confidence foolishly abandons her daughter.

Tale XLVI. (B).  Sermons of the Grey Friar De Valles, at first against and afterwards on behalf of husbands that beat their wives.

Tale xlvii.  The undeserved jealousy of a gentleman of Le Perche towards another gentleman, his friend, leads the latter to deceive him.

Tale XLVIII.  Wicked act of a Grey Friar of Perigord, who, while a husband was dancing at his wedding, went and took his place with the bride.

Tale XLIX.  Story of a foreign Countess, who, not content with having King Charles as her lover, added to him three lords, to wit, Astillon, Durassier and Valnebon.

Tale L. Melancholy fortune of Messire John Peter, a gentleman of Cremona, who dies just when he is winning the affection of the lady he loves.

Appendix to Vol.  IV.


Tale XXXI.  The Wicked Friar Captured.

Tale XXXII.  Bernage observing the German Lady’s Strange Penance.

Tale XXXIII.  The Execution of the Wicked Priest and his Sister.

Tale XXXIV.  The Grey Friar imploring the Butcher to Spare his Life.

Tale XXXV.  The Lady embracing the Supposed Friar.

Tale xxxvi.  The Clerk entreating Forgiveness of the President.

Tale XXXVII.  The Lady of Loue bringing her Husband the Basin of Water.

Tale XXXVIII.  The Lady of Tours questioning her Husband’s Mistress.

Tale XXXIX.  The Lord of Grignaulx catching the Pretended Ghost.

Tale XL.  The Count of Jossebelin murdering his Sister’s Husband.

Tale XLI.  The Beating of the Wicked Grey Friar.

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