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(A) The three kingdoms (A.D. 220-265)

1 Social, intellectual, and economic problems during the
period of the first division                                     107
2 Status of the two southern Kingdoms                              109
3 The northern State of Wei                                        113

(B) The Western Chin dynasty (265-317)

1 Internal situation in the Chin empire 115 2 Effect on the frontier peoples 116 3 Struggles for the throne 119 4 Migration of Chinese 120 5 Victory of the Huns.  The Hun Han dynasty (later renamed
  the Earlier Chao dynasty) 121

(C) The alien empires in North China, down to the Toba
(A.D. 317-385)

1 The Later Chao dynasty in eastern North China (Hun; 329-352) 123 2 Earlier Yen dynasty in the north-east (proto-Mongol;
  352-370), and the Earlier Ch’in dynasty in all north
  China (Tibetan; 351-394) 126
3 The fragmentation of north China 128 4 Sociological analysis of the two great alien empires 131 5 Sociological analysis of the petty States 132 6 Spread of Buddhism 133

(D) The Toba empire in North China (A.D. 385-550)

1 The rise of the Toba State                                       136
2 The Hun kingdom of the Hsia (407-431)                            139
3 Rise of the Toba to a great power                                139
4 Economic and social conditions                                   142
5 Victory and retreat of Buddhism                                  145

(E) Succession States of the Toba (A.D. 550-580):  Northern Ch’i dynasty, Northern Chou dynasty

1 Reasons for the splitting of the Toba empire                     148
2 Appearance of the (Goek) Turks                                    149
3 The Northern Ch’i dynasty; the Northern Chou dynasty             150

(F) The southern empires

1 Economic and social situation in the south 152 2 Struggles between cliques under the Eastern Chin
  dynasty (A.D. 317-419) 155
3 The Liu-Sung dynasty (A.D. 420-478) and the Southern
  Ch’i dynasty (A.D. 479-501) 159
4 The Liang dynasty (A.D. 502-556) 161 5 The Ch’en dynasty (A.D. 557-588) and its ending by the
  Sui 162
6 Cultural achievements of the south 163

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