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 The New Suggestion Treatment. By J. Stenson Hooker, M.D.  Cloth 1s.
     net (postage 11/2d.) C.W.  Daniel, Ltd., 3 Tudor Street, E.C.

This book is a striking example of the new synthetic movement in the medical profession.  It is an exposition for the general reader of certain basic principles of mental treatment and of the author’s methods of applying these; it is also, in reality, an appeal to doctors generally to put aside prejudice and examine the immense potentialities of rational “suggestion” healing methods.
After examining the main features and disadvantages of mere hypnotic treatment and passing under review present-day “mental science,” the author explains wherein his method of mental treatment both avoids the dangers of hypnotism and reinforces ordinary self-suggestion.  Throughout there is the frank recognition that few forms of dis-ease are curable by one means alone; on the other hand, it is contended that most disorders, both mental and physical, are remarkably amenable to a rightly directed course of the new suggestion treatment, supplemented by other natural means.

 The narrowness of view that too often characterises the specialist is
 entirely absent from this book.  It is throughout thoroughly broad,
 refreshingly sensible and profoundly convincing.

 The Cottage Farm Month by Month (illustrated with original
     photographs).  By F.E.  Green.  Cloth, 1s. net (postage 2d.).  C.W. 
     Daniel, Ltd., 3 Tudor Street, London, E.C.

 Here is a book of immediate social interest, of great practical value,
 and of uncommon literary quality.

In the course of twelve chapters, bearing the titles of the months of the year, it reveals a welding together of two things which in many minds have unfortunately become divorced:  the practical problems and arduous labour which no tiller of the soil can escape and—­the keen delight of a poetical temperament in the ever-changing, yet annually renewed, beauties of earth and sky and running water.
It escapes the dry technicalities of the agricultural text-book, while at the same time conveying innumerable valuable hints on practically every branch of “small farming”—­advice which springs from the author’s thorough knowledge based on long and often hard experience.
On the other hand, while entirely free from that all too common defect of “nature-books”—­hot-house enthusiasm—­it will delight the most incurable townsman (providing his sense of beauty is not withered) by its joyous yet restrained pictures of open-air things.

 Simple Rules of Health. By Philip Oyler, M.A. (2nd ed.). 3d. net. 
     Post free from the author, Morshin School, Headley, Hants.

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