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 It is better to board yourself than let others be bored by you.

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 “A bore is one who thinks his opinions of greater importance than your

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 People who throw pebbles into the sea shouldn’t dive near shore.

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 A toothbrush is what many forget but few should need.

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 Scotland Yard is not in the Grampians.

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 Cheap food is often dearly bought.

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 Lyons have no depots in Skye.

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 Orange-trees never yet sprang from scattered peel.

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A pear in the hand is worth two in the can.





The Independent Health Magazine.


VOL.  V                            SEPTEMBER
No. 26.                              1913

There will come a day when physiologists, poets, and
philosophers will all speak the same language and understand one


 Food reformers sometimes forget that “man does not live by bread
 alone,” not even when supplemented by an ample supply of fresh air and
 physical exercise.

It has been pointed out by psychologists that the more highly organised and highly developed the creature, the less it depends on nervous energy obtained via the stomach and the more it depends on energy generated by the brain.  True, the brain must be healthy for this, and one poisoned by impure blood, due to wrong feeding, cannot be healthy.  But something more than clean blood is necessary.  For, as change of physical posture is necessary to avoid cramped limbs, so periodic reversal of mental attitude (consideration from other than the one view-point) is necessary to the brain’s health.
Again, change of air is often prescribed when the patient’s real need is a change of the personalities surrounding him.  While for the lonely country dweller a bath in the magnetism of a city crowd may be a far more efficacious remedy than the medicinal baths prescribed by his physician.

 For man lives by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of


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