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This Periodical will consist of original Poems, Stories to develope thought and principle, Essays concerning Art and other subjects, and analytic Reviews of current Literature—­particularly of Poetry.  Each number will also contain an Etching; the subject to be taken from the opening article of the month.

An attempt will be made, both intrinsically and by review, to claim for Poetry that place to which its present development in the literature of this country so emphatically entitles it.

The endeavour held in view throughout the writings on Art will be to encourage and enforce an entire adherence to the simplicity of nature; and also to direct attention, as an auxiliary medium, to the comparatively few works which Art has yet produced in this spirit.  It need scarcely be added that the chief object of the etched designs will be to illustrate this aim practically, as far as the method of execution will permit; in which purpose they will be produced with the utmost care and completeness.

No. 3. (Price One Shilling.) MARCH, 1850.

With an Etching by F. Madox Brown.

Art and Poetry:  Being Thoughts towards Nature Conducted principally by Artists.

  When whoso merely hath a little thought
      Will plainly think the thought which is in him,—­
      Not imaging another’s bright or dim,
  Not mangling with new words what others taught;
  When whoso speaks, from having either sought
      Or only found,—­will speak, not just to skim
      A shallow surface with words made and trim,
  But in that very speech the matter brought: 
  Be not too keen to cry—­“So this is all!—­
      A thing I might myself have thought as well,
    But would not say it, for it was not worth!”
      Ask:  “Is this truth?” For is it still to tell
    That, be the theme a point or the whole earth,
  Truth is a circle, perfect, great or small?


  G. F Tupper, Printer, Clement’s Lane, Lombard Street.


  Cordelia—­W.  M. Rossetti 97
  Macbeth 99
  Repining.—­Ellen Alleyn 111
  Sweet Death—­Ellen Alleyn 117
  Subject in Art, No.  II 118
  Carillon.—­Dante G. Rossetti 126
  Emblems.—­Thomas Woolner 127
  Sonnet.—­W.  B. Scott 128
  From the Cliffs.—­Dante G. Rossetti 129
  Fancies at Leisure.—­W.  M. Rossetti 129
  Papers of “The M. S. Society,” Nos.  I. II. & III 131
  Review, Sir Reginald Mohun.—­W.M.  Rossetti 137

The Subscribers to this Work are respectfully informed that the future Numbers will appear on the last day of the Month for which they are dated.  Also, that a supplementary, or large-sized Etching will occasionally be given (as with the present Number.)

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