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We have been desirous to explain and justify the state of feeling in which we enter on the consideration of a new poem by Robert Browning.  Those who already feel with us will scarcely be disposed to forgive the prolixity which, for the present, has put it out of our power to come at the work itself:  but, if earnestness of intention will plead our excuse, we need seek for no other.

The Evil under the Sun

  How long, oh Lord?—­The voice is sounding still,
    Not only heard beneath the altar stone,
    Not heard of John Evangelist alone
  In Patmos.  It doth cry aloud and will
  Between the earth’s end and earth’s end, until
    The day of the great reckoning, bone for bone,
    And blood for righteous blood, and groan for groan: 
  Then shall it cease on the air with a sudden thrill;
  Not slowly growing fainter if the rod
    Strikes one or two amid the evil throng,
    Or one oppressor’s hand is stayed and numbs,—­
    Not till the vengeance that is coming comes: 
  For shall all hear the voice excepting God? 
    Or God not listen, hearing?—­Lord, how long?

Published Monthly.—­Price One Shilling.

  Art and Poetry,
  Being Thoughts towards Nature.

  Conducted principally by Artists.

Of the little worthy the name of writing that has ever been written upon the principles of Art, (of course excepting that on the mere mechanism), a very small portion is by Artists themselves; and that is so scattered, that one scarcely knows where to find the ideas of an Artist except in his pictures.

With a view to obtain the thoughts of Artists, upon Nature as evolved in Art, in another language besides their own proper one, this Periodical has been established.  Thus, then, it is not open to the conflicting opinions of all who handle the brush and palette, nor is it restricted to actual practitioners; but is intended to enunciate the principles of those who, in the true spirit of Art, enforce a rigid adherence to the simplicity of Nature either in Art or Poetry, and consequently regardless whether emanating from practical Artists, or from those who have studied nature in the Artist’s School.

Hence this work will contain such original Tales (in prose or verse), Poems, Essays, and the like, as may seem conceived in the spirit, or with the intent, of exhibiting a pure and unaffected style, to which purpose analytical Reviews of current Literature—­especially Poetry—­will be introduced; as also illustrative Etchings, one of which latter, executed with the utmost care and completeness, will appear in each number.

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