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The importance of this American Seltzer Spring will be somewhat appreciated by the reader, when informed of the fact that nearly two millions of stone jugs, holding one quart each, of the Nassau Seltzer are annually exported from Germany.


The water of this spring is very pleasant to the taste, being slightly acidulous and saline, but much milder than that of the other Saratoga springs.  It is an agreeable and wholesome beverage.  When mixed with still wines, etc., it adds the peculiar flavor only to be derived from a pure, natural Seltzer.  It enlivens them and gives them the character of sparkling wines.

Saratoga possesses numerous objects of interest for the German population, surpassing even the famous Spas of Europe, and the discovery of the Seltzer will doubtless attract large numbers of this intelligent and genial people.

The analyses of the Saratoga and the German Seltzer springs are almost identical.

No people in the world, perhaps, consider a summer’s excursion to a watering place so absolutely essential to life, physically, dietetically, morally and politically considered, as the Germans, and we are happy to know that they are beginning to realize the attractions of Saratoga.

[Illustration:  STAR SPRING.]

The United States Spring is also successfully used for mixing with the still wines, and is attaining a popularity among the Germans.


Is located on Spring avenue near the termination of Circular street.  Star Spring Co., proprietors, Melvin Wright, Superintendent.


Under the name of President Spring, and afterwards Iodine Spring, the fountain now called the Star has been known for nearly a century; long enough to test its merits and long enough to sink it in oblivion if it possessed no merits.  Its lustre is undimmed, and it promises to be a star that shall never set.  During these many years a goodly proportion of tottering humanity have found in this spring an amendment to their several crippled constitutions.  It was first tubed in 1835.  In 1865 the Star Spring Co. was formed, and in the following year the spring was retubed under their direction.  In 1870 they erected the finest bottling-house in Saratoga.  Great care is taken to preserve the spring in a pure condition and perfect repair.  The water has become immensely popular in New England, where it is “the spring,” and throughout the United States and Canada.

For Commercial Use.

The water is sold in cases of quarts and pints, and besides, owing to the large amount of gas which is finely incorporated with the water, the company are enabled to supply families with it in kegs of fifteen gallons, in which the water keeps as well as in bottles, and at one-fourth to one-sixth the cost.  This method seems to give entire satisfaction and is fast coming into general use.  This is the only spring that supplies the water in bulk to families.  The price to druggists in bulk is twenty cents per gallon, to families $4 per half barrel, to the trade in cases at $21 per gross for pints, and $30 per gross for quarts.

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