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The location of the spring is in the midst of very romantic and picturesque scenery, embracing a beautiful park of some twenty-five acres.  Since the water was analyzed the fountain has been retubed, and its quality improved.  It is serviceable in dyspepsia and all diseases and affections of the liver and kidneys, and is classed among saline and cathartic waters.

It resembles in taste and appearance the other Saratoga waters.  The New York office of the Eureka Spring Company, for the sale of their bottled water, is at No. 7 Hudson R.R.R.  Depot, Varick street.  Mr Benj.  J. Levy is the agent.

Within a few steps of the Eureka, and belonging to the same company, is the White Sulphur Spring and bathing-house.  The water of the White Sulphur Spring is an hepatic water of an excellent character, possessing, as the company claim every essential element to render it equal for internal use to the best White Sulphur waters in this State, and far superior to most of them.  The company have erected a commodious bath-house, containing fifty bath-rooms, with every convenience for warm and cold baths, at a moderate price.

Frequent omnibuses convey passengers to and from these springs for 25 cents, passing the principal hotels.



Is found in a beautiful valley, and amid most romantic scenery, about a mile east of the town hall.  The principal entrance to this spring is on Lake avenue, about half a mile east of Circular street.  Another route is via Spring avenue, by which we pass a majority of the other springs, and also the Loughberry water-works which supply the village of Saratoga Springs with water from the Excelsior Lake by the celebrated Holly system.  Just before us, as we reach a point where the avenue turns towards the Excelsior, is the fine summer hotel known as the Mansion House, and the pretty cottage residence of Mr. Henry Lawrence.

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The Excelsior Spring has been appreciated for its valuable qualities by some of the oldest visitors of Saratoga for more than half a century.  The water, however, was not generally known to the public until in 1859, when Mr. H.H.  Lawrence, the former owner, and father of the present proprietors, retubed the spring at a considerable expense, having excavated it to a depth of fifty-six feet, eleven of which are in the solid rock.  By this improvement the water flows with all its properties undeteriorated, retaining from source to outlet its original purity and strength.  Since then, the present proprietors, under the firm of A.R.  Lawrence & Co., by a new and improved method of bottling and barreling the Excelsior water under its own hydrostatic pressure, have given it an increased reputation and it is rapidly attaining a wide-spread popularity.

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