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Joseph M. Carey
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(Strides towards her.  Seizes her arms.  Short struggle.  Bessie gives way.  Hair falls loose.  H. kisses her forehead, cheeks, lips, then releases her.  Bessie staggers against railings.)

(Exit Harry; measured walk without haste)

Bessie (Staring eyes, hair loose, back against railings; calls out).  Harry! (Gathers up her skirts and runs a little way) Come back, Harry. (Staggers forward against lamp-post) Harry! (Much lower) Harry! (In a whisper) Take me with you. (Begins to laugh, at first faintly, then louder.)

(Window rumbles up, and Capt.  H.’s chuckle mingles with Bessie’s laughter, which abruptly stops.)

Capt.  H. (Goes on chuckling; speaks cautiously).  Is he gone yet, that information fellow?  Do you see him anywhere, my dear?

Bessie (Low and stammering).  N-no, no! (Totters away from lamp-post) I don’t see him.

Capt.  H. (Anxious).  A grinning vagabond, my dear.  Good girl.  It’s you who drove him away.  Good girl.

(Stage gradually darkens)

Bessie.  Go in; be quiet!  You have done harm enough.

Capt.  H. (Alarmed).  Why.  Do you hear him yet, my dear?

Bessie (Sobs, drooping against the railings).  No!  No!  I don’t.  I don’t hear him any more.

Capt.  H. (Triumphant).  Now we shall be all right, my dear, till our
Harry comes home to-morrow. (Affected gurgling laugh.)

Bessie (Distracted).  Be quiet.  Shut yourself in.  You will make me mad. (Losing control of herself, repeats with rising infection) You make me mad.

(With despair) There is no to-morrow! (Sinks to ground near middle railings.  Low sobs)

(Stage darkens perceptibly.)

Capt.  H. (Above, in a voice suddenly dismayed and shrill).

What!  What do you say, my dear?  No to-morrow? (Broken, very feebly.)

(Window runs down)

Carvil (Heard within, muffled bellowing).  Bessie—­Bessie—­Bessie—­
Bessie------ (At the first call Bessie springs up and begins to stumble
blindly towards the door.  A faint fash of lightnings followed by a very
low rumble of thunder) You!—­Bessie!



     in One Act by Joseph Conrad the Typography and

     Binding arranged by Cyril William Beaumont

     Printed on his Press in London and Published

     by him at 75 Charing Cross Road in the

     City of Westminster Completed

     on the last day of January


     The cover has been designed by Michel Sevier

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