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MRS. FALCHION. Fifth Edition.
’A splendid study of character.’—­Athenaeum.


THE TRAIL OF THE SWORD.  Illustrated. Eighth Edition.
’A rousing and dramatic tale.  A book like this is a joy
inexpressible.’—­Daily Chronicle.

WHEN VALMOND CAME TO PONTIAC:  The Story of a Lost Napoleon. Fifth

’Here we find romance—­real, breathing, living romance.  The character of
Valmond is drawn unerringly.’—­Pall Mall Gazette.

AN ADVENTURER OF THE NORTH:  The Last Adventures of ‘Pretty Pierre.’ Third Edition. ’The present book is full of fine and moving stories of the great North.’—­Glasgow Herald.

THE SEATS OF THE MIGHTY.  Illustrated. Thirteenth Edition.
’Mr. Parker has produced a really fine historical novel.’—­Athenaeum.
’A great book.’—­Black and White.

THE BATTLE OF THE STRONG:  a Romance of Two Kingdoms.  Illustrated. Fourth Edition. ’Nothing more vigorous or more human has come from Mr. Gilbert Parker than this novel.’—­Literature.

THE POMP OF THE LAVILETTES. Second Edition. 3s. 6d. ’Unforced pathos, and a deeper knowledge of human nature than he has displayed before.’—­Pall Mall Gazette.

Arthur Morrison’s Novels

Crown 8vo. 6s. each.

TALES OF MEAN STREETS. Sixth Edition. ’A great book.  The author’s method is amazingly effective, and produces a thrilling sense of reality.  The writer lays upon us a master hand.  The book is simply appalling and irresistible in its interest.  It is humorous also; without humour it would not make the mark it is certain to make.’—­World.

A CHILD OF THE JAGO. Fourth Edition.
’The book is a masterpiece.’—­Pall Mall Gazette.

TO LONDON TOWN. Second Edition.
’This is the new Mr. Arthur Morrison, gracious and tender, sympathetic
and human.’—­Daily Telegraph.

’Admirable ...  Delightful humorous relief ... a most artistic and
satisfactory achievement.’—­Spectator.

THE HOLE IN THE WALL. Third Edition. ’A masterpiece of artistic realism.  It has a finality of touch that only a master may command.’—­Daily Chronicle. ’An absolute masterpiece, which any novelist might be proud to claim.’—­Graphic.  ’"The Hole in the Wall” is a masterly piece of work.  His characters are drawn with amazing skill.  Extraordinary power.’—­Daily Telegraph.

Eden Phillpotts’ Novels

Crown 8vo. 6s. each.



THE HUMAN BOY.  With a Frontispiece. Fourth Edition. ’Mr. Phillpotts knows exactly what school-boys do, and can lay bare their inmost thoughts; likewise he shows an all-pervading sense of humour.’—­Academy.

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