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THE SORROWS OF SATAN. Forty-Eighth Edition. ’A very powerful piece of work....  The conception is magnificent, and is likely to win an abiding place within the memory of man....  The author has immense command of language, and a limitless audacity....  This interesting and remarkable romance will live long after much of the ephemeral literature of the day is forgotten....  A literary phenomenon ... novel, and even sublime.’—­W.T.  STEAD in the Review of Reviews.

THE MASTER CHRISTIAN. [165th Thousand. ’It cannot be denied that “The Master Christian” is a powerful book; that it is one likely to raise uncomfortable questions in all but the most self-satisfied readers, and that it strikes at the root of the failure of the Churches—­the decay of faith—­in a manner which shows the inevitable disaster heaping up ...  The good Cardinal Bonpre is a beautiful figure, fit to stand beside the good Bishop in “Les Miserables.”  It is a book with a serious purpose expressed with absolute unconventionality and passion ...  And this is to say it is a book worth reading.’—­Examiner.

TEMPORAL POWER:  A STUDY IN SUPREMACY. [150th Thousand. ’It is impossible to read such a work as “Temporal Power” without becoming convinced that the story is intended to convey certain criticisms on the ways of the world and certain suggestions for the betterment of humanity....  If the chief intention of the book was to hold the mirror up to shams, injustice, dishonesty, cruelty, and neglect of conscience, nothing but praise can be given to that intention.’—­Morning Post.


Anthony Hope’s Novels

Crown 8vo. 6s. each.

THE GOD IN THE CAR. Tenth Edition. ’A very remarkable book, deserving of critical analysis impossible within our limit; brilliant, but not superficial; well considered, but not elaborated; constructed with the proverbial art that conceals, but yet allows itself to be enjoyed by readers to whom fine literary method is a keen pleasure.—­The World.

A CHANGE OF AIR, Sixth Edition. ’A graceful, vivacious comedy, true to human nature.  The characters are traced with a masterly hand.’—­Times.

A MAN OF MARK. Fifth Edition. ’Of all Mr. Hope’s books, “A Man of Mark” is the one which best compares with “The Prisoner of Zenda.” ’—­National Observer.

THE CHRONICLES OF COUNT ANTONIO. Fifth Edition. ’It is a perfectly enchanting story of love and chivalry, and pure romance.  The Count is the most constant, desperate, and modest and tender of lovers, a peerless gentleman, an intrepid fighter, a faithful friend, and a magnanimous foe.’—­Guardian.

PHROSO.  Illustrated by H.R.  MILLAR. Sixth Edition. ’The tale is thoroughly fresh, quick with vitality, stirring the blood.’—­St. James’s Gazette.

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