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Ligustrum vulgare (Privet) . . .  Benthall Edge.

Erigeron acris . . .  Benthall Edge.

Bee Orchis (Ophrys apifera) . . .  Benthall Edge.

Pinguicula vulgaris (Common Butter-wort) . . .  Wrekin.

Vaccinium myrtillus (Bilberry) . . .  Wrekin.

Danthonia decumbens . . .  Wrekin.

Eriophorum angustifolium . . .  Wrekin.

Isolepis setacea (Bristle-stalked Moor-rush) . . .  Wrekin.

Myosotis collina (Early Field Scorpion grass) . . .  Wrekin.

Polypodium dryopteris . . .  Wrekin.

Amongst the ferns of the district may be mentioned—­the Royal fern (Osmunda regalis), which has been found sparingly at Shirlett, in Willey Park, and in Dairley Dingle; the beautiful Beech fern (Polypodium Phegopteris), which grows in the greatest luxuriance in Dairley Dingle, also in a wood in Willey Park; and the Hay fern (Lastrea faenisecii), in Coalbrookdale, and upon Shirlett.  Also several other commoner species, as Lastrea Oreopteris, Lastrea spinosa, Lastrea dilatata, and its variety glandulosa, Lastrea filix mas, and its variety Borreri; Aspidium aculeatum, and Aspidium augulare.

In giving the above list, I willingly acknowledge the assistance of my friends, Messrs. Baugh, Jordin, and Maw.


In 1 volume, crown 8vo., handsomely bound in cloth, and gilt, price 7_s_. 6_d_.; or in cloth, and not gilt (Second Edition), price 5_s_. 6_d_.,

The Severn Valley; A Series of Sketches.  Descriptive and Pictorial, of the entire Course of the Severn, containing Notices of its Topographical, Industrial, and Geological Features, with Glances at its Historical and Legendary Associations.  By JOHN RANDALL, F.G.S.

“This work will be an admirable guide-book for the tourist, and is so beautifully printed as to be worthy of a place on any drawing-room table, although the price is modestly fixed at 7_s_. 6_d_. only.  Mr. Randall sketches landscapes with artistic taste, lingers here and there for anecdote, drops in at the wayside hostelry, and picks up pleasant chit-chat on angling and other subjects.  He is evidently a lover of nature, and possesses a pleasing style of demonstrating his devotion in print.”—­Worcester Herald.

“Mr. Randall’s style is pure and unaffected; it flows equably and cheerfully along as the river he so lovingly describes.  To tourists this elegant and interesting book will prove an invaluable companion, and as such we cordially commend it.”—­Eddowes’s Journal.

“This is a valuable addition to the story of literary information connected with this and neighbouring counties, and we doubt not the work will prove as popular as undoubtedly it is interesting.”—­Worcestershire Chronicle.

“The author has made judicious selection of the abundant materials presented, and draws a series of graphic and pleasing pictures of all the more noticeable features of the country which are to be found along the extensive and meandering course of the Severn.”—­Gloucester Journal.

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