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The choicest seat in a double carriage is the one facing the horses, and gentlemen should always yield this seat to the ladies.  If only one gentleman and one lady are riding in a two-seated carriage, the gentleman must sit opposite the lady, unless she invites him to a seat by her side.  The place of honor is on the right hand of the seat facing the horses.  This is also the seat of the hostess, which she never resigns.  If she is not driving, it must be offered to the most distinguished lady.  A person should enter a carriage with the back to the seat, so as to prevent turning round in the carriage.  A gentleman must be careful not to trample upon or crush a lady’s dress.  In driving, one should always remember that the rule of the road in meeting and passing another vehicle is to keep to the right.


A gentleman must first alight from a carriage, even if he has to pass before a lady in doing so.  He must then assist the ladies to alight.  If there is a servant with the carriage, the latter may hold open the door, but the gentleman must by all means furnish the ladies the required assistance.  If a lady has occasion to leave the carriage before the gentleman accompanying her, he must alight to assist her out, and if she wishes to resume her seat, he must again alight to help her to do so.

In assisting a lady to enter a carriage, a gentleman will take care that the skirt of her dress is not allowed to hang outside.  A carriage robe should be provided to protect her dress from the mud and dust of the road.  The gentleman should provide the lady with her parasol, fan and shawl, and see that she is comfortable in every way, before he seats himself.


While driving with another who holds the reins, you must not interfere with the driver, as anything of this kind implies a reproof, which is very offensive.  If you think his conduct wrong, or are in fear of danger resulting, you may delicately suggest a change, apologizing therefor.  You should resign yourself to the driver’s control, and be perfectly calm and self-possessed during the course of a drive.


Courtship and Marriage.

The correct behavior of young men toward young ladies, and of young ladies toward young men, during that portion of their lives when they are respectively paying attention to, and receiving attention from, one another, is a matter which requires consideration in a work of this nature.


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