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Take an ounce of myrrh in fine powder, two tablespoonfuls of honey, and a little green sage in very fine powder; mix them well together, and wet the teeth and gums with a little, twice a day.



Sports, Games, Amusements.

There is a great variety of games, sports and amusements for both out-door and in-door entertainment, in which both sexes mingle for pleasure, and brief mention is here made of some of these.


The interest that has been recently awakened in this country in archery, is worthy of mention.  As a graceful, healthful and innocent sport, it has no equal among any of the games that have been introduced, where both sexes participate.  Our young and middle aged ladies too often neglect out-door physical exertion, which is essential to acquiring strength of limbs and muscle, and a gracefulness of carriage which is dependent thereon.  It is a mistaken idea that with youth all indulgence in physical recreation should cease.  On the contrary, such exercises as are most conducive to health, and are attended with pleasure, might with propriety be kept up by young women as well as by young men, as a means of retaining strength and elasticity of the muscles; and, instead of weak, trembling frames and broken down constitutions, in the prime of life, a bright, vigorous old age would be the reward.  The pursuit of archery is recommended to both young and old, male and female, as having advantages far superior to any of the out-door games and exercises, as a graceful and invigorating pastime, developing in ladies a strong constitution, perfection of sight at long range, and above all, imparting to the figure a graceful appearance and perfect action of the limbs and chest.  Let the women of this country devote some of their spare hours to this pleasant, health-giving sport, and their reward will be bright, ruddy faces, elasticity of movement, and strong and vigorous constitutions.


For the purposes of archery, the implements required are the bow, arrows, targets, a quiver pouch and belt, an arm-guard or brace, a shooting glove or finger tip, and a scoring card.

The bow is from five to six feet long, made of lancewood or locust.  Spanish yew is considered the choicest, next comes the Italian, then the English yew; lancewood and lancewood backed with hickory are used more than any other.  In choosing a bow, get the best you can afford, it will prove the cheapest in the end.  Men should use bows six feet long, pulling from forty to sixty pounds, and ladies bows of five feet or five feet six inches in length, and pulling from twenty-five to forty pounds.  The arrows are generally of uniform thickness throughout, and are made of pine; the finest grades being made of white deal, with sharp

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